Katie Cummings Launches New Marketing Campaign

Katie Cummings - apartmentwrestlers.com

Katie Cummings - ACW

ACW competitor Katie Cummings has launched an aggressive marketing campaign as she makes a play at the ACW title. All around the country in airports, billboards and transit stops, banners and signs depicting her are popping up. Cummings, who most note has been steadily improving, has until now been viewed as a mid-card performer. Apparently, she is try to change that perception by using a word of mouth campaign to force ACW to give her a title shot.

Katie Cummings - ACW

ACW officials were caught off guard by the campaign. No official comment has come from the promotion, but a source within the ranks states the  management was not pleased that it was not cleared with them.

Nonetheless, it has garnered a lot of attention as well as some criticism. Many of the photos show off Cummings ample measurements and a local church group in Tuscon, Arizona has called for the signs to be taken down. Cummings could not be reached for comment but current ACW champion Katie Anderson is none too impressed. “Whatever way she wants to get attention for herself is her business. I got mine the old-fashioned way. By winning.”

Katie Cummings - ACW

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