The action starts out in the downstairs bedroom with Katie Cummings on the offensive but Anderson is a defensive fighter and she countered her opponents moves. The action went back and forth with submission holds and counter moves until Cummings broke free and ran upstairs to the upper bedroom.<BR><BR>

Anderson got Cummings’ top off letting her massive tits swing free but Cummings grabbed Anderson and was able to remove her bikini bottoms.The two continued to battle including a pillow fight before running downstairs where the victory would take place.<BR><BR>

If you like a match with two half-naked all-natural girls fighting, you’ll love this catfight in A-C-W!<BR><BR>


Catfight Moves: Crotch Busting, Stomping, Choking, Breast Smothering, Belly Punching, Arm Stretches, Leg Scissors, Titty Twisting, Head Scissors, Belly Splashes, Spanking<BR><BR>


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