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Katie Anderson - www.apartmentwrestlers.com “Life as the champ is really good!” So say new ACW champion Katie Anderson. Anderson, who defeated Megan Jones for the title is currently touring Sweden, a guest of Helmut Anderson (no relation), a noted European photographer. At a scheduled press conference, the champion offered her thoughts on the sport and her role in it.

“They say that you really can’t prepared for the feeling of being the champion and it’s true,” said Anderson. “First it was a relief to finally win the belt instead of chasing it, then I felt totally drained. Then I felt so excited I could barely sleep and now I’m just adjusting to the role and responsibilities of the champion. There’s a lot that goes with it.” One of those things is having to wake up early to do press conferences and interviews, something she didn’t have to do as a challenger. “Waking up early ha never been my strong suit so it is an adjustment.” Another adjustment is her match schedule. As champion, she has a certain number of matches she is required to wrestle in a year. Anderson has already wrestled half of the number of matches, saying that she wants to being able to take it easy later in the year when her energy is running low.

She’s not resting on her laurels, however. “I’ve hired a couple of trainers to help me with my submission work. I’ve always got areas that I can improve on and I have to keep getting to the gym while I’m on the road.” Few would argue that she is not fit and beautiful. Her recent photoshoot for a French magazine left me a tongue wagging. “She seems like she just stepped out of central casting for the role of the girl next door,” said Helmut Anderson. “She looks so wholesome yet so sexy at the same time. Her popularity in Sweden is just through the roof. She could probably retire from catfighting today and live for the next five years on just photoshoots and commercials.” Anderson has no intentions of slowing down anytime soon. “If anything I want to expand my fanbase, expand ACW’s fanbase and really make my mark on this industry.

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