The action starts out wild as usual, begin at the stairs and quickly moving into the lower bedroom. Jen is the aggressor trying to choke Katie out and then pinching her nipples as hard as she can, throwing knees and elbows and even trying to hit her with a flying spear. Katie is getting overwhelmed so she tries to  stop Jen in her tracks by pulling off the smaller girls bikini top. It works, so she spanks her and then stretches her.

They go back and forth, trash talking one another while trying high flying moves and smothering tactics. Great catfighting action in ACW!

Catfight Moves: Belly Punching, Kneeing, Titty Twisting, Spanking, Arm Stretch, Leg Bends, Pillow Fighting, Wedgies, Biting, Breast Smothering, Crotch Busting, Flying Elbows, Belly Splashes, Headlocks, Choking, Kicking.


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