Clip of the Month – Megan Jones vs. Katie Anderson V

Katie Anderson - Megan Jones -

Megan Jones vs. Katie Anderson V.

After Megan lost her title belt to Katie Anderson, she went into a downward spiral. Once she regrouped she was determined to get the belt back. While Katie was giving an interview Megan attacked her and put the boots to her.

The match began with Megan attacking Katie on the stairs, raining down blows with her patented belly punch. Katie fought back prompting Megan to run upstairs where the began battling on the bed. Megan began applying submission holds hoping to end the match quickly but fought her way out as the two battled topless. Katie used her knee to give Megan a crotch buster and Megan reciprocated with a big breast to the mouth. More action occurred in a great catfight battle in A-C-W!

Catfighting Moves: Crotch Busting, Stomping, Choking, Breast Smothering, Belly Punching, Arm Stretches, Leg Scissors, Titty Twisting, Head Scissors, Belly Splashes, Spanking

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