The Agony of Defeat

Megan Jones is reported to be going through a lot of  turmoil after dropping the belt to Katie Anderson recently. Insiders close to the former champion reveal that she was stunned by the loss and that it never seemed to occur to her that she could be defeated. “I’m hearing from my sources that Megan was so confident in herself that she could not believe what happened. It’s like the boxer who gets knocked out cold. When they wake up and ask what happened and you explained to the that they got knocked… That’s what it was like for Megan,” says Jennifer Brookshier, a correspondent for API news. “Megan is just devastated. She’s really having a hard time putting things together. She is so competitive and so strong-willed that it’s taking a lot for her to transition back to being just one of the competitors.”

Jones is not the first to suffer the sting of losing her championship. Daniella Cartier remembers reaching out to the passnger seat for two months after losing her title, trying to pick up the belt that she no longer owned. “It was psychological tougher on my than anything else. It was like picking up the keys from the coffee table,” said Daniella. “One day you look and the belt isn’t there. It was almost like losing a leg, but still feeling the phantom pain from it.”

Megan’s friends have rallied around her but she has stayed away from the spotlight as she tries to regroup. “We could be seeing the beginnings of a great comeback or maybe the end of a great career,” offered head trainer and former ACW champion Diane Hunter. “The impact of losing that belt can be much bigger than most people can imagine. I look back at Heaven. She had everything going for her but she was crippled inside by losing the belt to Daniella, like when Marvin Hagler lost to Sugar Ray Leonard. In both cases, the loss was so devastaing that they completely walked away from their sport.”

Jones is reportedly going to take two months off to travel to get her head clear. “It won’t be easy but I think she has the tools to make another title run,” said Hunter. “But she better not take too much time off because there are a lot of hungry girls waiting in the wings.”

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