Clip of the Month – Jen Capone vs. Katie Cummings I

Jen Capone vs. Katie Cummings -

Katie Cummings vs. Jen Capone I.

Katie Cummings has come a long way in ACW, improving her wrestling game as well as navigating the locker room politics, but now she wants more. She wants a title and has her eye on the Inter-Condominium belt. Jen Capone stands in her way, looking to claim the IC to use as a stepping stone towards the ACW crown.

The action starts in the living room and from the start these girls show they are willing to do anything for a win. Tits fly out of their tops to be used as weapons. They move toward the bedroom and take to the bed as their ring and Katie uses the opportunity to smother Jen with her massive breasts and big sexy booty. A pillow fight erupts and Jen turns the tables, punishing Kate by pinching her nipples hard.

The action continues hot and heavy until one of the girls must tap out. Hot latina on latina action in ACW!

Catfighting Moves: Headlocks, Breast Squishing, Hair Pulling, Breast Smothering, Choking, Belly Punching, Spanking, Leg Scissors, Facesitting, Pillow Fighting, Titty Twisting, Camel Clutch



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