Jen Capone Files For an Injunction

Jen Capone -

Jen Capone -
Well, you have to give Jen Capone credit. She is resourceful. A month and a half after she was suspended from Apartment Championship Wrestling, the slim latina has gone to court seeking an injunction against the promotion, seeking to overturn the suspension. In a surprise ruling, the Circuit Court for Dade County issued the injunction allowing Capone to continue wrestling until the matter goes through a mediation process.

Capone was suspended when ACW found that she had lied on her contract, failing to reveal her arrest in 2008. Her failing to reveal this information violated the terms of her contract, thus bringing about the suspension.

Capone’s attorney argued, however, that the suspension was based on other matters within the promotion. He claims that Capone was suspended after breaking off relationships with several ACW officials and that he may seek whistleblower status for his clients.

ACW Vice President Masahiro X weighed in on the matter. “Jen was suspended when we found that she lied on her application and in her contract. What brought about the revelation that she had lied was a number of thefts in the ACW locker room. We were not planning on seeking criminal charges in the matter but if she wants to keep pushing this bogus defense, we may have to explore every avenue possible. In the meantime, we will comply with the court order, but needless to say, this has now turned a very serious corner. We also want to warn potential advertisers, producers or photographers what they might be getting themselves into by hiring her. We already have received complaints that she has asked for advances and loans, and never paid them back or showed up for the shoot. We don’t want any of her actions falling back on ACW.”

Jen Capone - Criminal

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