Clip of the Month – Megan Jones vs. Katie Anderson IV

Katie Anderson - Megan Jones -

Megan Jones and Katie Anderson are going at it again in another action packed match.

The action starts out in the living room moving from the couch to the floor and back again. Megan finally breaks away and makes a run for it up the stairs but Katie is in hot pursuit, pulling off Megan’s bikini and playing bongos on her ass. Megan doesn’t like that and strips Katie down to size, which is when the action picks, up and down the stairs. They finally make it up to the upper bedroom where Megan goes after Katie breasts and then uses her own to try to suffocate Anderson but Katie is battle tested and ends up chasing Megan back down the stairs to the lower bedroom. That is where the surprising action really takes place.

You don’t want to miss this match!

Hot, blonde, TOPLESS action!

Catfighting Moves: Leg Scissors, Stomping, Spanking, Kneeing, Breast Smothering, Tests of Strength , Body Splashes

1280×720 HD




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The clip can be purchased from our Clips for Sale site for $13.99.



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