Clip of the Month – Megan Jones vs. Katie Anderson III

Katie Anderson - Megan Jones -

Megan Jones and Katie Anderson are back in action, elevating the art of apartment wrestling to new heights.

They start out at the stairway where Megan delivers a kick to Katie’s stomach and runs upstairs. Katie follows and the rest of the action takes place on the bed. One thing is for sure – Katie is getting better and better in every matchup and Megan is having a harder time staving her off, but Megan is the champ for a reason. These two lay it on the line, punishing each other and themselves for the right to be ACW champion.

Hot, blonde, TOPLESS action!

Catfighting Moves: Choking, Open Handed Slaps, Spanking, Breast Squishing, Kicking, Arm Stretches, Tests of Strength, Headlocks, Leg Scissors, Biting, Crotch Busting, Wedgies

1280×720 HD



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