Clip of the Month – Megan Jones vs. Katie Anderson II

Katie Anderson - Megan Jones -

Megan Jones and Katie Anderson are the two best wrestlers in ACW and the time has come for them to finally meet. Katie Anderson is the “All-American Girl.” She’s all-natural and knows how to move her body to get what she wants, in this case a victory. Megan Jones has dominated everyone in the promotion, but knows that Katie is the top rival she will meet so far. This is a matchup between a brutal force of will and strength versus quickness and strategy.

The action begins in the living room, with Megan taking the initiative, bringing the fight to her opponent, but Megan makes a mistake when she beats Katie to the ground and leaves her there to go lounge in the upstairs bedroom. Katie regroups and follows her upstairs, where the war truly begins.

These are two great wrestlers in great ACW action.

Fetishes: Catfighting, Blondes, Brunettes, 18 & 19 Year Old, Female Wrestling, Latina, Grappling

Catfighting Moves: Open Handed Slaps, Choking, Spanking, Tests of Strength, Punching, Stomping, Body Splashes, Abdominal Stretches.





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