Galas Looner is Gone from ACW

Galas Looner -

Galas Looner exits ACWGalas Looner has officially left ACW. After a hair vs. title match against Megan Jones, Galas’ head was shaved prompting her to flee the video shoot. Her performances as of late had improved to the point that many felt that she was on her way back as one of the top young stars in the promotion, but her early success led to her being overconfident and falling prey to the biggest hinderance for catfighters, the party scene. “Galas was well known for her wild lifestyle and she had begun to let herself go,” ACW spokesman Masahiro X stated. “He conditioning was terrible and that 20 inch waist had begun to bulge. It’s too bad because I thought she was going be one of the great attraction for the promotion for years to come. In fact, I thought she had a title run in her.

A photo of Galas’ shaved looked can be seen here.

Apartment Championship Wrestling wishes Galas the best of luck with her future endeavors.

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