Clip of the Month – Galas Looner vs. Lucy Dae I

Galas Looner vs. Lucy Dae -

Is Galas Looner reaching the end of the road in ACW. The Gwen Stefani look-a-like was a highly touted competitor a year ago, having beaten Megan Jones for the Inter-Condominium title, which she taunted Megan with. Galas was seen as the big challenger for Megan’s ACW title belt but a string of losses and an apparent lack of focus has taken the blonde down a couple of notches. She is going to have to show some momentum or she may tumble down the rankings even more.

She’ll get a chance here in a match against ACW rookie Lucy . Lucy took on Megan a few months ago and has improved a great deal and promises to take it to Galas. The two have trained together and they seem to know each other pretty well but familiarity seems to breed contempt and they go at it in a way that seems personal.

It’s sexy blonde on brunette action in ACW!


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