The Kristin James Transformation

Kristin James Loses 75 lbs. -


When Kristin James made her debut in ACW, let’s just say she was a little on the PLUS side. At nearly 200 lbs., she was a BBW and a bruiser amongst the ACW girls. While she competed very hard, it did not help her in gaining wins within the promotion or in climbing the ladder of success, so she knew she needed to do something drastic and she did… She lost 75 lbs!

Through a stringent diet and workout routine, Kristin lost so much weight that when she returned to ACW, no one recognized her. Well, they recognize her now and the transformation has done wonders for her wrestlings skills and her confidence and the first person she wanted to challenge is her sister, ACW champion Megan Jones.

Megan Jones vs. Kristin James IV - ACW
Despite Kristin’s achievement, Megan isn’t interested in giving props and literally gives Kristin a slap in the face. Kristin’s not playing the little sister role anymore and slaps her right back.

The two brawl into the bedroom and Kristin spanks her big sisters’ big Cuban ass like she was her momma, but Megan is the champ and does some ass whipping of her own.

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