Clip of the Month – Crystal Selane vs. Bridgete Kournova

Crystal Selane vs. Bridgete Kournova -

 Russian Bitches Gone Wild!

Crystal Selane takes on Bridgete Kournova in a matchup between two hot Russian girls. Describing the match isn’t easy because it was filled with trash-talk but it was all in Russian. These two came to the United States on student visas but immediately began working top-shelf strippers. Well, someone from ACW’s international division recommended them and they tested fairly well but this was their first match with the promotion.

Both girls were trained by Diane Hunter but most of their offense and defense was pillow-fighting and cursing each other out in Russian. Then, while they get each other in different holds, they look like they are going to make out. This is one of the more bizarre ACW matches ever. So, if sexy young 20 year old Russian girls, pillow-fighting and whatever else they’re doing appeals to you, this might be the clip for you.

The match is available from the ACW Clips for Sale site:



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This clip can be purchased from our Clips for Sale site for $10.99.

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