Clip of the Month – Galas Looner vs. Jen Capone

Galas Looner vs. Jen Capone -

Galas Looner and Jen Capone are throwing down.

With both of their careers in the balance, Galas and Jen meet in a catfight showdown. After getting near the top of the ranking Galas Looner has struggled lately. She hope to turn things around against Jen Capone. Capone, who struggled early on, is on a role now, winning eight straight matches. For each girl, a win in this match would get them one step closer to a shot at the Inter-Condominium title belt and some much needed credibility within the promotion.


The match is available from the ACW Clips for Sale site:


ACW Divider 5

This clip can be purchased from our Clips for Sale site for $14.99.

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