Taylor Wilson Furious with Release of Video Match

Taylor Wilson has come out screaming and kicking as Apartment Championship Wrestling has released a video clip of her matchup against Tiffani Wilson. Wilson has fought for years to prevent the promotion from releasing any footage of her wrestling, but after numerous legal victories, ACW released the clip earlier this week.

Taylor Wilson vs. Tiifani Jones - www.apartmentwrestlers.com

“I don’t what to say about her. Of course she’s raising hell. That’s all she ever does. She raises hell about any and everything,” said ACW Executive Masahiro X. “It’s gotten to the point where it’s more comical than it is disappointing.




Wilson was at war with everyone in the promotion, including Daniella Cartier. A war of words culminated with a televised confrontation between the two. Below was an altercation between then Champion Daniella Cartier and Taylor Wilson.


Cartier suffered a concussion, and an injury to her jaw which prohibited her from traveling to Japan for a much hyped appearance at the Tokyo Dome. The repercussion were enormous and caused ACW to fire Wilson immediately. This put Wilson on the war path and she went on a scorched earth campaign against the promotion, leading to elaborate accusations of sexual harassment, drug usage and corruption. The fallout, including the legal proceeding which followed decimated the organization and lead to changes in the management structure which created a turmoil which lasted almost eight years.

“There is no doubt that Taylor Wilson could have been one of the biggest stars in the history of catfighting but she just seemed to have this inner time bomb that went off and which I guess she was powerless to stop,” offered Masahiro X. “I got caught up in it, the wrestlers got caught up in it and certainly my Uncle Tanako got caught up in it. Not on;ly did Tanako X, founder of the promotion get caught up in it, he got buried by it. Wilson claimed to have had a long-time affair with the promoter. The claim would bring multiple other women out of the woodwork leading X t step by from the reins of the promotion. “Taylor could have made everybody rich but she just left a path of destruction in her wake,”said Masahiro.

Standing 6′ 1” and around 150 lbs., Wilson was a giant amongst her competitors and found ample opportunities in Japan and Hong Kong and continues to perform as a catfighter. She is also in demand as a model who throws out her mammoth breasts as part of her gimmick as well as her often repeated claim to be the “Ass Queen of Catfighting.” Whether she will return to the United States as a competitor is open to speculation, but one thing is for certain. “She will not be welcome back in ACW,” stated Masahiro. “I can promise you that this will be the one and only video match you will ever see of Taylor Wilson.”


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