Parity is Causing for Great Competition

Jen Capone vs. Katie Cummings -

Apartment Championship Wrestling is thoroughly in the hands of a new group of wrestlers. Since the retirement of former champion Daniella Cartier, newcomers have completely taken over the promotion, vanquishing older, more experienced competitors, dominating them with youthful aggression and a lack of fear.

Kaila Ali vs. Katie Cummings - ACW Two competitors have emerged recently, vying for the Inter-Condominum championship, long seen as a steppingstone towards the ACW Title.  Jen Capone and Katie Cummings were first viewed as potential competitors for the IC belt and no mare but their success has them both growing in confidence and there is no doubt that the ACW belt is in their sights.

“When I started in ACW, I didn’t know what to expect, but the more experienced I have gotten and the more I’ve had to struggle, the more I realized that I’m really good at this and there’s no reason I can’t get the title,” says Capone. “At first, I saw how much better the older women were and I was kind of intimidated but they are older and I guess the years takes a toll.”

Katie Cummings agrees. “When I first started with ACW, I totally sucked. I mean the veterans I went up against were so much better than me that I was just going to quit but Diane Hunter (head Trainer for the promotion) just badgered me and trash-talked me so much that I got pissed and wouldn’t quit. The thing she taught me was that I didn’t have to be as talented as some of the legends, I just have to be better than the girls on the rosters now. You look at someone like Alex Del Monacco, she knew so much about technical wrestling that I wouldn’t stand a chance with her but I have been very competitive with the girls I entered with and now we’re all kicking ass.”

Some have heaped criticism on the promotion for a lack of great stars but Promoter Tanako X sees it differently. “While it’s true that none of the younger girls is in the same league as Daniella Cartier or Alex Del Monacco or even Diane Hunter, they are very good in their own right and they are improving to the point that they may be held in that high esteem one day. Today, however, there is a lot of parity in the promotion which means that the matches we are seeing are extremely competitive an each girl really seems to have a chance at the belts.

The top dog in the promotion is current champion Megan Jones. “I’m fucking sick and tired of the haters talking shit about us. If Daniella could have kicked my ass, she would’ve. You can compare older catfighters to younger ones all the time, but what does it prove. I can’t go back to the future to take on Heaven or Taylor Wilson, but if they want their asses kicked they can challenge me for a match and I’ll hand them their fucking asses.”

Indeed Megan has been kicking ass in the promotion, running off 103 consecutive victories, but it hasn’t been easy. “Megan was clearly the best of the new bunch coming in. She was bigger and stronger and had the force of personality on her side,” explains X. “These other girls have been training and wrestling and learning and they’ve gotten a lot better than we thought they would.”

Megan’s chief competitor right now is Galas Looner. Although she has lost 10 straight matches to Jones, she has become more competitive in each one and has gotten closer t victory each time. “I’m getting better, and I know I’m close. I just haven’t been able to do that last thing to beat her. I know I can,” says Looner “and I see in her eyes that she knows how close I’ve gotten. She knows I’m coming and I can see the fear in her eyes.”

While Looner is clearly the number one contender, she is having  to look over her shoulder at quite a few wrestlers hot on her heels. In addition to the aforementioned Cummings and Capone, there is Katie Anderson on the horizon. Anderson is seen as a marketing dream with her All-American looks and a very competent wrestling style. Also in the mix is the statuesque Kaila Ali. Extremely athletic, Ali need only to keep her head in the game and may have the sheer raw talent to make a impact. A big surprise was the re-emergence of Kristin James, Megan Jones sister. James was very competitive in early matches but could not overcome the quickness and athleticism of her opponents because over her heavyweight size, so she began intensive training with Hunter and lost over 70 lbs. Now her challenge is to learn how to use her old intensity in her new body.

Each girl has to improve her game to have a realistic chance to take Megan’s belt, but as her opponents get better and better, Jones will have to reinvent herself to keep up. When was the last time a champion had to do that. Parity has really created a new age in catfighting.

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