Clip of the Month – Katie Anderson vs. Katie Cummings

Katie Anderson vs. Katie Cummings -

Katie Anderson takes on Katie Cummings

What a matchup. First of all, you have two beautiful girls and they are all natural- no silicone to be found. Now that is certainly rare these days.

Katie Anderson is called “the natural. She is the girls you wished lived next door. Beautiful, curvaceous and blond.

Katie Cummings is a naughty latina with huge natural tits and danger in her eyes.

The match starts out in the living room with some great action with each girl feeling the other out. They both attempt various submission holds but they had to know it wouldn’t be sol easy. They go back and forth until Katie Cummings delivers several knees to the gut. She leaves Anderson crumpled on the floor and heads upstairs. Anderson screams, “this isn’t over yet” and follows her upstairs from bedroom to bedroom. There, the bikinis become afterthoughts as the two girls engage in a naked brawl.

It’s all natural, naked action pitting Katie vs. Katie… in A-C-W!


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