Clip of the Month – Kaila Ali vs. Katie Cummings

Katie Cummings vs. Kaila Ali -

Kaila Ali takes on Katie Cummings.

First of all, this matchup is fantastic just from a hot sexy ass chick point of view. Kaila is tall, strong and athletic with a big rack and a big round rear end. Katie meanwhile is is soft in all the right places with huge natural tits and a sweet, phat ass. Now throw in that both girls want to grind their asses and tits in the other girls faces and that means there is great action to be seen. Oh yeah…, and then there is the match.

Both girls have been moving up the ladder in ACW. After a slow start, Katie has put together 8 wins in her last 10 matches and has increased her intensity and desire for victory. Kaila on the other hand won her first six matches but has lost her last two. Her problem is she’s so gifted athletically that she isn’t paying attention to the smaller things that determine a win or a loss. Thus for both girls this match is important.

The match starts out in the living room with some great action until Kaila jumps and lands a spectacular “crane” kick (remember the original Karate movie)? They fight their way up the stairs and even crash into another room where Katie Anderson is in the middle of a photo shoot. She chases them out and from there Katie Cummings chases Kaila out onto a balcony with no top on. The neighbors saw and eyeful. Once the get into another bedroom the action really gets intense with both girls trying to stick their asses in each others faces, Katie almost drowning Kaila in her big natural tits, some spanking, kicking, bellypunching, choking, leg scissors and more.

If two hot sexy chicks involved in this much action isn’t enough for you, check your pulse. It’s not just T and A… it’s  A-C-W!


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