Clip of the Month – Galas Looner vs. Kaila Ali

Galas Looner vs. Kaila Ali -

Galas Looner matches up against Newcomer Kaila Ali.

Things start out on a sour note as Kaila calls Galas a Gwen Stefani wannabe and Galas lets her know that she may wannabe shutting the fuck up!

These two are complete opposites. Kaila is taller and tightly wound, enjoying taking a more athletic, high octane approach to the match. Galas, a more experienced worker keeps to a ground game mixed with kicks and punches. This makes for great action.

Although she is less experienced, you wouldn’t know it to hear Kaila talk. She turns the opening intros into a personal interview, throws several snap kicks at Galas’ face (fortunately for Galas, at least one of them narrowly misses), and connected with a devastating jumping elbow drop

Galas was pretty pissed off, throwing kicks and belly punches. She also seemed to really enjoy breast smothering Kaila. Kaila on the other hand would do anything, including pulling a picture off the wall and busting her blonde opponent upside the head with it. When she picked Galas up, the cameramen thought she was going to throw her over the second floor railing… Fortunately it ended up as a body slam instead.

These two brought a lot of arsenal to the table, including: belly punching, kicking, breast smothering, spanking, elbow drops, airplane spins, choking, leg scissors and more.

After things got really heated, Kaila bent Galas over on the bed and announced “It’s prison time! Now I’m gonna show you how we really get down!” ‘Nuff said – this is ACW!


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