Clip of the Month – Daniella Cartier vs. Cassidy Collins

Daniella Cartier vs. Cassidy Collins -

Daniella Cartier and Cassidy Collins don’t like each other.

There are a lot of examples of opponents who don’t care for one another in catfighting but Daniella and Cassidy seem to sicken one another. Daniella reportedly refused to take the match against Cassidy because she didn’t want to actually touch her opponent.

Cassidy didn’t have anything better to say. In fact, she felt that Daniella was over-rated and was only on top because she was Black. That’s right. She said Daniella only got her spot in order to fill a quota.

The match got ugly fast with Daniella calling Cassidy “Trailer Trash.” Cassidy responded by calling Daniella “Jungle Bunny Barbie. Did I mention that they don’t like each other.

The match descended into Daniella trying to embarrass Cassidy and break her will. Cassidy was intent on frustrating Daniella and giving as much as she got.

These two brought a lot of arsenal to the table, including: stomping, face sitting, belly punching and more.

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