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Megan Jones -


In a stunning upset with huge ramifications, Megan Jones, a first year veteran has defeated ACW Champion Daniella Cartier to grab the ACW title.

While Megan is highly regarded as the best of the 2010 rookie class, very few thought she had a real chance of wrestling the title away from the wrestler many consider the greatest in ACW history. Megan, however, had little doubt (see video below).

The match ended when Jones secured a pinfall on Cartier after the champion was apparently stunned by a fall to the floor where she hit her head. Before any controversy could develop, however, Cartier stated clearly that there is no question on whether Jones won on a fluke. “Megan brought her “A Game” to the table tonight, and she was the better wrestler. She won fair and square and she deserves the title belt. End of story.”

Jones victory has truly shocked everyone within the promotion and management seemed unprepared for what to do after the outcome. A press conference was hastily called but footage from the match might not be made available as the rights to the footage was pre-sold to a private party. The promotion will issue a statement sometime this week and Cartier is expected to issue one as well.

Megan Jones Post Match Comments


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So, what are your thoughts on Megan’s big win?

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