Clip of the Month – Galas Looner vs. Katie Cummings

Galas Looner vs. Katie Cummings -

Galas Looner and Katie Cummings are rookie combatants in ACW, both hailing from Miami, Florida. As part of the Miami Invasion Class of 2010, much is expected of both of them, but with the influx of new talent and the desperation of veteran wrestlers to retain their positions within the promotion, neither Katie, nor Galas, is guaranteed to be kept on the active roster. Thus, this match may decide either girl’s future in ACW.

Galas is blonde bombshell with a medium build and killer looks. Katie is a pinup dream with huge Double D-Cup breasts and a big ass. Both will be marketable for their sex appeal but will need to showcase their wrestling talents.

Galas is shy and quiet in her private life, but while wrestling, she is aggressive and confrontational. She is known for her propensity to deliver belly punches, to breast smother and to apply leg scissors. Katie being the bigger of the two is more into rough-housing and bullying. Add to tat the fact that she is a former Award-nominated porn star, she has the X-factor of always having tricks up her sleeve to pull out against her more conservative opponents and she is not intimidated by close girl-girl proximity.

Galas Looner vs. Katie Cummings in a battle for a spot in ACW.

This match contains belly punching, breast smothering, leg scissors, hair pulling, titty twisting, choking and more.




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