Megan Jones Demands a Title Shot

Megan Jones -

You could say that Megan Jones has made a huge impact on Apartment Championship Wrestling but that would really just understate and simplify the matter. Jones told anyone who would listen that she was going to be the breakout star of the Class of 2010, but a lot of apartment wrestlers talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. The thing is, all of the class have enjoyed various positive levels of success. Katie Anderson ran off six straight wins against ACW veterans and Galas Looner defeated former champion Alex Del Monacco in a huge upset. Kaila Ali has been sidelined by a knee injury and was unable to take part in the annual D-Cup tournament in Japan, but Katie Cummings stepped into the spot and finished a surprising 3rd. Jen Capone lost her first five matches but has come back winning nine straight and gaining a shot at the vacant Inter-Condominium title.

Jones, though, has stood out.

She is undefeated in 17 matches, displaying a range of talents and skills. Proficient at submissions wrestling, she generally just overpowers her opponents, using her thunderous legs and upper body strength to wear her opponents down. She jokes that her most dangerous weapon is her big Cuban ass. “When I’m really kicking some ass, I spin around and back my ass up and give them one chance to tap They usually do… Otherwise I lift it up and smack it down, right on their faces. It’s my secret weapon!”

All kidding aside, Jones is really making a move in the promotion but today, she caught everyone off guard when she demanded a title shot against ACW champion Daniella Cartier. “I was being interviewed by Channel 8 and they were talking about how great I’ve been doing and they asked me what was next. I said I wanted a title shot. Then I just figured, why wait. I deserve it, I want it and they’re going to have to give it to me. I hear about what the fans are saying and they can’t just keep lining these sorry ass older wrestlers for her to beat. Hell, if she’s a real champ then step up bitch. I’m not hatin, just validatin!”

ACW management has not responded to her challenge but ACW Champion Daniella Cartier did. “On the one hand, I appreciate her confidence, but on the other, you just don’t do that. There’s of way of doing things in the catfight industry. You pay your dues, you learn, you win and then you press for a championship. I’m not sure she’s ready for a title shot… but, I’ll give her one.”

The challenge has generated a buzz around Jones who recently wrestled Jen Capone for the InterCondominium belt. “I’m ready,” Jones. “I’m ready, willing and able… and IMPATIENT!”


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