Galas Looner vs. Megan Jones

Galas Looner - Rarely does a budding rivalry reach this level of intensity. Galas Looner is quiet, mild-mannered and shy. She would strike you more as a librarian than a top competitor. Megan Jones is just the opposite. She believes she is the best in the business and will let anybody know it. She is clearly an Alpha-dog and she doesn’t like anybody standing in her way. Galas is in her way and she has no intention of backing down.

The action started with with Megan starting with the trash-talk, but a kick to the ribs from Looner ended all of that. The young blond was not to be taken lightly and she wanted to make that clear up front, rushing to the bigger girl and slapping her across the breasts with a “Ric Flair” chop. Megan staggered back but move forward and engaged her opponent. She charged Galas with a running tackle but Looner forced Megan’s head down, spinning around her and putting her into a chokehold. Startled, Jones momentarily panicked, thrashing about wildly. In doing so, she escaped from the hold.

Back on her feet she charged again, but Galas slipped her arms around Jones’ neck again and attempted a diamond-cutter. Jones momentum was enough to save her from the maneuver but she found herself on her back.

Looner did not hesitate and began crashing stomps down to Megan’s stomach. Although they took all of the wind out of her, Megan fought to block each one. Galas stepped back for a moment as Megan gulped for air. Galas responded immediately.

Looner jumped down on top of Jones, pinning her arms with both knees. Helpless, Jones responded  by cursing at her. With a pinfall clearly in reach, Galas was overcome by a desire to literally rub it in Jones’ face as she inched forward to apply a face-sit. As Looner crotch moved towards her face, Megan used her last bit of strength to topple the blond off of her.

Megan’s arms were now as useless as noodles but she was too angry to notice. As she landed several kicks she began cursing at her challenger with such fury that spit flew all over the room.  Megan wound up and threw a slap to Looner’s face but Galas ducked it. Megan, however, threw the slap in order to get Galas to turn her back and when she did Megan was on her like a tarantula.

Jones applied a sleeper chokehold on the blond and held tight while Looner thrashed about. Galas reached for Megan’s arms, legs and crotch but could dislodge herself from the hold. Little by little the energy faded from her until she went limp. Not satisfied with the monumental comeback, Megan wanted to make a statement.  After throwing Galas over her shoulder, she carried her across the room to the far wall and  lifted her into the air and pressed her  by her throat against the wall. “Now bitch,” she barked. “I pinned your ass to the Tree of Whoa. Now you know the pecking order.”

For Megan, the victory was huge and placed her at the forefront of the promotion’s new rookies. For Galas, however, the loss may have elevated her rather than diminished her prospects. Many who viewed her as just another pretty face now know that she is a force to be reckoned with.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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