Galas and Megan Enjoying Winning Streaks

Megan Jones - Galas Looner -

Galas Looner -

Newcomers Galas Looner and Megan Jones have enjoyed recent winning streaks. Looner, the beauty from Boca Raton has been very impressive in her early matches, impressing those who viewed her with suspicion. “She looks like she’d have the brawling ability of a librarian,” says Seth Greenfield of the Apartment House Wrestling Journal. “I don’t think she has had as much formal training as a lot of the girls but she seems to have an inate ability to wiggle out of holds and surprise her opponent. At first it seems like luck but it happens throughout all of her matches. Most girls get a game plan and go down that path. With Galas, she takes what they bring at her and she goes with the flow until she feels the opportunity, then she latches on a hold and gets a pin or a submission. The other girl doesn’t know what to do because their plan seemed to be working for them. They get caught flat-footed.” Looner’s winning streak stands at nine.

Megan, on the other hand, has a game plan and has been shoving her will down her opponent’s throats. She is powerful and  knowledgable and relentless. Her matches have been more impressive because she is constantly talking, telling her opponent what she is going to do and then does it. “To paraphrase Dennis Green ‘she is what we thought she was.’ You could tell by her size and the way she moved that she would be successful.. What is interesting is how she is dedicating herself. She is working out like crazy. She has lost about seven lbs. sine she debuted and has become even quicker,” says Greenfield. “Usually these young girls don’t have that kind of dedication so early on.” Jones’ win streak has reached 14.

The two seem on a collision course with most feeling that Jones should be the favorite. She, in fact, is considered the next big thing in the promotion. “The thing is,” says Greenfield, “this group of wrestlers is as deep talent-wise as I have ever seen and Megan is at the front of the pack but they are all pretty close in talent and Galas is really interesting to watch. She’s one that I want to keep my eye on.”

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