Crystal Selane vs. Buffy Wilson

Crystal Selane vs. Buffy Wilson -

Crystal Selane and Buffy Wilson were both on the bubble. Selane entered ACW with a lot of hype, immigrating from Russia along with her “partner-in-crime” Bridgete Kournova. Neither had lived up to the hype nor the expectation and they had fallen under criticism from competitors and members of management. Buffy Wilson was also a victim of hype. The niece of ACW legend Taylor Wilson, Buffy had received a tryout based on her relationship with Taylor and many believed she lacked the skill-set to compete at the highest level. With Taylor Wilson having yet another fallout with management, Buffy appeared to be on her own. This match, therefore, would seem to be a turning point for both competitor’s career.

Crystal Selane - apartmentwrestlers.comThe battle began upstairs as Buffy went on the attack. She sprung at Crystal like a leopard, but the smaller girl anticipated the move and easily sidestepped it. Buffy left herself exposed and Crystal jumped on top the bed and delivered a powerful elbow to the midsection.

Buffy buckled under the blow as all of the air seemed to help escape her lungs. As she drew her legs up to try to regain her breath, Crystal attacked her ribs with jumping elbow drivers. With a surprising precision, she employed the maneuver again and again to the spot Wilson left unprotected.

Finally, Buffy was able to yank her opponent off of the bed by a handful of hair. She was still in immense pain, however, and could only curl up in a ball, trying to blunt the stabbing pain and to relieve her struggle for breath. Crystal had no intention of giving up however and sprung back into action.

With more punishment coming, Buffy looked for an avenue of escape. She delivered an elbow of her own into the midsection of the flying Selane but the wind taken out of her solar plexus took the wind out of her sails. Crystal pounced on top of Buffy and tried to wrap her legs around the slim blondes midsection, looking once again to limit the supply of oxygen. Buffy fought hard to shake her off and shook the smaller girl often.

Weakened to the point of collapse, Wilson crawled toward the edge of the bed hoping to make a dash to the stairs. Selane laughed mockingly, taunting her in Russian and grabbed the back of WIlson’s hair. Wilson howled in pain, causing Selane to surge in a spasm of laughter.

Desperation allowed Buffy the opportunity to throw a twisting haymaker elbow into the side of Selane’s head. Dazed, Crystal grabbed her head, yelping in pain and confusion and Buffy saw an opportunity. Collapsing onto Selane, Buffy pressed her forearm into Crystal’s throat, with little strength left, she left gravity to do the work, laying prone upon her victim, her weight crushing into Crystals windpipe. Although generally full of energy, Selane now found her body fail under the assault on her breathing. She could only thrash at her opponent and inadvertently snatched Buffy bikini top free from her natural breasts. Wilson lost her composure and her advantage and quickly tried to cover up.

Crystal Selane vs. Buffy Wilson - apartmentwrestlers.comAs Selane tried to make her escape, Buffy let her breasts swing free and pounced back on top of Selane yelling “you wanted my tits so bad, let’s see if you can breath with them in your face.” She crushed her breasts into Selane’s mouth and used but to cover her face. She began taunting Selane, rising and falling to splash them down on her opponents.

One time too many did Buffy attempt her splash and Selane caught her with a forearm to the throat. Buffy grabbed for her own throat and like lightening, Crystal was upon her. Selane grabbed Buffy by the ankles and pulled Wilson’s legs over her head. Leaning forward, Selane applied enough leverage that Buffy was momentarily unable to throw her off and that moment was all Crystal needed to count one-two-three and secured the pin.

Buffy was devastated by the loss , recognizing that it might cal her career to an end. She appeared stunned and bewildered and was noticeably exhausted, panting for her breath. Crystal rose from the bed and pranced towards the stairs, knowing that her apartment wrestling career would live yet another day.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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