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The following commentary is that of former ACW President Masahiro X. Masahiro is well known as the nephew of ACW founder Tanako X and usurped his Uncle’s power in a takeover attempt in 2004. The views of Masahiro X do not necessarily represent those of ACW management, personnel or staff.

“I’m Masahiro X and I am speaking out today about what I feel has been a scam within this promotion and that is the overhype and publicitization of a bunch of female wrestlers that I don’t believe have a what it takes to make it in this industry and certainly should never have been in this promotion. Why am I speaking out? Because I think it does you, the reader and the fan, a disservice to make these girls sound like world-beaters when most of them, in my opinion, couldn’t wrestle their way out of a wet paper bag. Now, you may be asking yourself whether this is personal or whether I have an axe to grind. Well, I have a lot of axes to grind but that doesn’t have anything to do with my commentary on this site with respect to the girls. I personally do not get along with Daniella Cartier or Diane Hunter but I still hold them in high regard. This is just a blunt, brutally assessment of the skills and abilities of some of the wrestlers.

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In the coming months, I am going run through the ACW wrestlers who have a appeared on this site. I’m going to be brutally honest in my evaluations and I don’t care if I hurt any feelings, so let me say up front, reader discretion is advised. I will be using language that may be viewed as disparaging and perhaps even sexist. I’m simply providing my view of what makes a successful apartment wrestler in this day and age and telling why i think most of the girls portrayed on this site are jokes and should never have been allowed in this promotion. I think there are five qualifications for an apartment wrestler and these qualification are what I use to judge every girls in the promotion. They are size, skill, beauty, body and intangibles.

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Size: When I discuss size, I look at a girls height and weight and whether they are able to use it to their advantage. When looking at Tiffani Jones versus Taylor Wilson, you might think that Taylor (6′ 1″, 145 lbs.) has a great size advantage of Tiffani (5′ 95 lbs.) but Tiffani makes extraordinary use of her small stature, running between opponents legs and squirming out of holds in a way that drives people crazy).

Skill: I focus on on apartment wrestling skill to mean a wrestlers knowledge of and ability to utilize holds, escapes, joint locks and maneuvers to gain submissions or pinfalls in match. There is a difference between a Lou Thesz and a Bruiser Brody. While Thesz could wrestle rings around Brody, Brody had a strength and unpredictability which could have caused Thesz a lot of trouble.

Beauty: Let’s face it, nobody is watching East German Olympic women’s wrestling. Beauty sells. In WWE, Chyna had facial plastic surgery to make her more feminine looking and soon appeared in Playboy in one of the magazine’s biggest selling issues. Physical beauty does factor into who will be the face of a promotion these days.

Body: This category refers not only to physical beauty body-wise, but also what shape the girl is in, whether her body factor into her wrestling style or hold and then of course whether her body is appealing for cheesecake purposes.

Intangibles: What else does the girl bring to the table to set herself apart from the rest and make a promotion want her on top. Taylor Wilson brings size, strength and an unpredictability that has gone unmatched in apartment wrestling. Diane Hunter had more than twelve years of struggling and training, learning every facet of the game that gave a burning desire to win. These are the intangibles that make or break a career.

These are my criteria and they range from a 1 to a 10 for a highest possible score of 50. No one has gotten even close to a 50 so my judgment is very harsh and thus very credible. And now to the evaluations.”