Megan Jones -
Straight out of Miami comes the newest star in ACW and her name is Megan Jones. 
Megan is considered by many to be the best new prospect to come into ACW in years. “I don’t give compliments to anybody, but I think Megan is going to beat Daniella in a match very soon. I think she’s that good,” said ACW trainer and former champion Diane Hunter. “she’s got great size, strength and quickness. And she has a mean streak about her that she knows how to turn on at the right moments. Having trained with her, I’m amazed out how competent she is already. I think she could beat half the girls on the roster today.”

Such high praise raises many an eyebrow within the promotion. Most hope that it doesn’t go to her head as it does with too many newcomers. Megan says it won’t. “I already know how good I am so it’s no big thing gettin’ my props. I am going to be that good and I am going to beat Daniella and take her belt.”

Not everyone is ready to jump on the Megan bandwagon. “I’ve heard it a thousand times,” says former ACW President and current catfight industry analyst Masahiro X. “Megan is very good but I’m not ready to crown her yet. Every time a new girl come into ACW, someone on this site starts hyping her to the heavens but how many of them ever make an impact. Almost none of them so I’ll wait to see what she can really do. What I will say about her is she has a very different style than most of the girls. She’s very aggressive, very dominant, very strong and very cunning. She will set traps for you and she is quick to close them. She is quick for her size. As she has been training more and more she has lost some weight and gotten leaner. Time will tell whether that will add to her quickness but diminish her strength.” X wasn’t Finnish. “Another thing to watch out for is her personality and her mental toughness. “She has an interesting background and we’ll see how she handles it when it gets brought up. Also, she’s not the only good one of the bunch they signed out of Miami. These girls are really tough and they fight really hard and aggressively. Megan is going to really have to impress more than the other girls to get her shot. The real time to evaluate her is in a few months once she’s faced a few veterans. Then we’ll se what happens when they have figured her out a bit. Still, she’s good which is more than I can say for more of the women they bring in here.”

Megan remains nonplussed. “I don’t care about anyone’s opinion. I just care about what I have to do. I’m a businesswoman and right now, apartment wrestling is my business. I’m serious about what I do, serious about my training and serious about taking advantage of my opportunities. I’m going after the Inter-Condominium belt first, gain some experience, learn new moves and keep on improving, but I am going to be the ACW champion. It’s just a matter of time and I feel great about my future… and my future is now!”