2010 – The Year in Review

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2010 was a year of action, excitement, intrigue and renewal. While many questions have been answered, others have been raised.

Clips4Sale store

The year began with the announcement that ACW had opened a store at clips4sale.com – with more than a million daily users, more and more fans of the promotion have access to videos of ACW match action as well as the ACW Naughty Nude series. For ACW fans who just want to watch individual clips of their favorite performers the store will offer just the content desired. Future plans include adding an image store to showcase match photos and personal exclusive behind the scene photos of the ACW girls.

Alex vs. Daniella

Throughout most of the year, the biggest buzz surrounded the much-hyped rematch between ACW champion Alex Del Monacco and former champion Daniella Cartier. After two years of delays, the match up was scheduled for July.

Daniella went on the offensive, referring to herself as the champion, hoping to goad Alex into being distracted. Alex maintained her cool, however, and rematch was a great one. In a furious battle for the belt, Daniella accidentally ripped out of large section of Del Monacco’s blonde weave, taking the champion by surprise, and this seemed to be the turning point in the match. Daniella captured the championship for the third time and wants to defend her title against all comers but injuries which have plagued her over the last few years could stand in the way.

Life and Times of an Apartment Wrestler Documentary

What began as a planned expose by Taylor Wilson has now become an ACW documentary looking at the goings on behind the scenes with the wrestlers and management. It will feature many of the stars of the past and present as well as new performers seeking fame and fortune. This will be the first real look behind the scenes and previews have shown it to be a frank and honest look at the promotion and the industry.

Brycee Adams - www.apartmentwrestlers.com
Release of News Personal DVD’s

By popular demand, ACW has released a “Best Of” series of DVD’s focused on ACW stars. Featured in the DVD’s are Daniella Cartier, Diane Hunter, Cassidy Collins, Alex Del Monacco, Brycee Adams, Daisee Douglas and Rosario Delgado.

The Miami Invasion

For the first time in four years, ACW conducted an open audition for new catfighters, this time held in Miami, Florida. Tanako X, the former owner of the promotion and now a Senior Advisor explains the new recruiting trip. “We just had too many girls causing too many problems, not wanting to do what they were obligated to do and basically just causing problems. We don’t need problems. We need wrestlers. With the economy the way it is, we can’t tolerate wasted time or wasted opportunities, so they had to go. The new girls are eager to work and are serious about their jobs. It’s a new day.”

The new members include Megan Jones, Gulas Looner, Jen Capone, Katie Anderson, Kristin James, Kaila Ali and Katie Cummings and all will be profiled on the www.apartmentwrestlers.com site in 2011.

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