This Is It! No More Talking!

Alex Del Monacco -

Alex Del Monacco -
This is it!

After years of waiting, months of talking and weeks of preparing, the fight is on. It is the most anticipated apartment wrestling match in years and for the participants, it can’t start soon enough.

When Alex Del Monacco defeated then champion Daniella Cartier for the title, it was a major upset. Carter had held the belt for just over a year after reclaiming it from Diane Hunter. Although battling injuries, Cartier was the overwhelming favorite, having easily defeated all comers. Del Monacco, although impressive in her early ACW matches, was seen as lacking the experience and the strength to tangle with the champion… but her naysayers were wrong.

Alex Del Monacco entered ACW as a major blonde bombshell. With an extensive print modeling career, many thought she would be the proverbial powder puff cupcake. Alex, however, had an extensive background in submission wrestling, although most of her wrestling experience came from training, rather than live matches.

Daniella Cartier, on the other hand, had the experience of over 300 matches. She first won the belt from from the original blonde bombshell Heaven. Holding the belt for more than two years, Cartier took on all challengers, traveling as far as Tokyo, Japan to take on all comers. Her biggest challenger, however, was found right at home in long-time veteran Diane Hunter. Hunter had long toiled in the catfighting game without many opportunities for the big time. She persevered however, and finally got the opportunity for a title shot against the champ. She lost three straight matches against Daniella before putting her career on the line and promising to quit ACW if she didn’t win the belt in the next match, and win she did.

Hunter remained very bitter over the years that she wasn’t given her due and she refused to give Daniella a rematch. She plowed through the other opponents, schooling the other girls in old school apartment wrestling. Eventually, however, the fans clamored for and finally demanded a rematch. After a brutal battle, Cartier emerged the victor, claiming the match took so much out of her that she considered retiring on the spot.

Daniella Cartier - She continued catfighting and ran off a string of impressive victories over a growing field of talented young stars but Del Monacco was a different story. Alex warned people not to let her good looks fool them. A pro wrestling fan for many years, she studied the career of the late Chris Benoit, a submission specialist. Benoit was known to slap on a submission hold out of nowhere to force his opponent to tap out and Alex, knowing her slim frame would leave her vulnerable to stronger opponents, saw submission opportunities as her secret weapon.

Thus it was during their first match that an overly confident Cartier attempted a flying tackle which Alex sidestepped. Del Monacco then leapt onto Daniella’s back and applied a painful arm bar. A surprised Daniella could find no way out and was forced to tap out for the first time in her career. An equally surprised Del Monacco basked in the glory of her newfound status as ACW champion.

Alex immediately began taking on all comers, traveling throughout North America and Europe, touring as the undisputed champion. For three and a half years, she remained undefeated, bolstering each win with a noteworthy publicity campaign. She has appeared on the cover of more than forty magazines and recently was cast in the title role in the movie Thong Girl 3. She has done a remarkable job of balancing her various career endeavors while remaining at the top of the promotion. For some people though, it is not enough. A loud outcry emerged, alleging that she was ducking a rematch with Daniella. Many felt that a motivated Cartier would beat her in a rematch, yet no such rematch was forthcoming.

Alex Del Monacco -
The fact of the matter is that Cartier was unable to stay healthy enough to receive a title shot, a fact lost upon many of her fans. She suffered numerous injuries and setbacks, leaving Alex to ply her trade against other ACW hopefuls. Despite the champion’s success and willingness to take on anybody, there rose an undercurrent within the promotion and from the fans that she would never get her due unless she again defeated Daniella. Daniella jumped all over the opportunity, calling out the champion and starting a six month campaign of calling herself the champion and referring to Alex as the new girl.

Del Monacco gladly accepted the challenge and the match was set. Despite her success, the champion has clearly been irritated with Daniella’s action as well as the fans unwillingness to give her her due. Daniella, with a chance to regain her title clearly within grasp recognizes that this could be it. A victim of so many injuries, she knows that this might be her last shot for catfighting glory.

It is a battle between two apartment wrestling legends. It has been years in the making, with agonizing anticipation and finally all of the talking and prognosticating is over.

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