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As we get closer to the big rematch
 between ACW champion Alex Del Monacco and former champion Daniella Cartier, the war of words is heating up.

“Hey baby, I’m the champ and everybody knows it so what’s the problem” asks Cartier? “I just refer to her as the new girl because as far as I’m concerned, she’s coming after my belt.”

Del Monacco, for one, is not impressed or amused. “Fuck Daniella. This is so childish that it is pathetic. I’ve busted my ass for all these years carrying the belt and carrying ACW. She’s had plenty of opportunities for a rematch but conveniently keeps getting hurt and whining. I’m tired of hearing her and now this stupid bullshit. I’ve just had enough.

It appears Daniella’s tactics are working and Alex is clearly peeved by Cartier’s “I’m the Champ” ploy. She insists however that it won’t distract her from the task at hand. “I still have my focus and I’m still going to kick her ass.. and frankly this is her last shot. If she gets hurt again and can’t make this match, she’s not getting another shot. This is it!”

Alex Del Monacco - www.apartmentwrestlers.com
Others have begun to weigh in on the match. “Well, I do think Daniella is getting in her head and Alex has been wrestling for three years straight, so that gives Daniella a good chance,” says Brycee Adams. “Alex is good though. She can slap a submission on you so fast that you tapping out before you even know you’re in a hold. If Alex can keep her head in the game, I give the edge to her, but I give Daniella a fighting chance.

“Well, I’ve wrestled Daniella and she is a great wrestler, but she has been out for a while,” said Rosario Delgado. “Alex hasn’t lost yet so you can’t bet against her. I hear a lot of girls rooting for Daniella because Alex has had he belt for so long. Personally, I’m just rooting for me to win the belt.”

“Well, I’m a big Alex fan. I mean look at what she has done,” adds ACW favorite Little. “I mean she just does it all. She’s undeafeated. She’s beaten everybody. She’s expanded her modeling and acting career. I think she’s the best ever!”