Daniella is Coming for the Belt

Daniella Cartier - apartmentwrestlers.com

Daniella Cartier - www.apartmentwrestlers.com
Daniella Cartier has a unique approach to her pursuit of the ACW title
She is declaring herself the champ right now! At a recent meet and greet, Daniella had herself introduced to the group as the champ. When questioned why she was doing so months before her rematch with current champion Alex Del Monacco, Cartier answered “Why delay the inevitable. I was the champion, the greatest champion in ACW and I will be the champion again… I know it, Alex knows it, everyone knows it. ” She wasn’t finished, however. “Let me take it a step further. Why would you call Alex the champ. She’s avoided wrestling me for how long. I’ll give her credit, she a really beautiful woman, but when you look at her you think pinup model. When you look at me, you know I’m the champ. I have represented the promotion whether I have the belt of not. I am the face of the promotion. Truthfully, I’m just making it easier on the fast. They all know I’m going to win the belt back and a lot of them are having a hard time waiting for the rematch. For them, I’m saying, hey, the champ is back. Frankly, I’m doing it for Alex too. She has been just waiting and waiting for months, knowing that she is going to lose her belt. It must make for some terrible anxiety, so honey take it easy. I’m the champ and you have nothing to be ashamed of. It’s going to be alright”.

Del Monacco is having none of it. “You know, that’s just like her. I have offered her a rematch six times, and each time she comes up with some injury. Now, she’s going to lie to the fans and say she’s been denied a rematch and that she’s the champ. She is so pathetically desperate… it’s just sad.” Alex, who recently starred in the lead role of the Thong Girl action movie, doesn’t find any humor in Daniella’s actions. “I haven’t bad-mouthed her at all. I haven’t accused her of running from a rematch even though she keeps postponing it, but now she’s disrespecting me and it’s pissing me off. Now she’s made it personal and she shouldn’t have done that because now it’s not just a match to me. This is war. “.

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