Tiffani Jones vs. Chrissy Martin

This month we look back at a match between two original members of the Motor City Posse. Chrissy Martin and Tiffani Jones were models from Detroit looking to use wrestling as a marketing hook. They thought they would be matched up against various opponents and collectively make a name for the group. Unfortunately, they found themselves pitted against one another in their earliest matches.

Chrissy Martin - apartmentwrestlers.com The two found themselves startling out on the couch. Giggling playfully, they began pattycake fight action. Chrissy, however, began joking about what she would do to Tiffani and the smaller girl’s eyes shone red. Tiffani grabbed the larger redhead, roughly forcing her face into the seat of the couch, yelling for her to give up.

Chrissy was not about to give up so quickly and tried to throw the smaller girl off but Tiffani maintained her control, squeezing Chrissy’s head with her knee and thighs. Chrissy tried to gain her release by slapping and punching at Tiffani’s thighs and eventually Jones was forced to defend herself against the blows. Eventually Tiffani lost her balance and the two toppled to the floor. Just as quickly, though, they both lurched back onto the couch and went after each other.

Tiffani once again gained an upper hand and decided to add insult to injury by sitting her rear end on Chrissy’s face. Chrissy, however, was ready and locked her ankles around Tiffani’s head, snap-maring her forward and off balance. Now the redhead was in control, maintain her hold, causing her opponent to shriek with frustration. Martin now began to lay the slapdown on Jones thighs and back, repeatedly battering the smaller girl. Tiffani groaned in pain, seeing no option but to tap out. At the last instance, though, she felt Chrissy’s hold loosen slightly.

Tiffani pulled backwards and escaped the hold, tumbling back against Chrissy, but she was like a fly to the red-headed spider as she landed right an arm bar. With Tiffani’s right hand caught between her milky white thighs, Chrissy calmly applied pressure to Jones’ left elbow joint. Tiffani knew immediately that the game was over and voiced her submission.

As first matches go, the action was pretty good with both girls employing technical strategies and good knowledge of wrestling holds. Moving forward, both knew they had a lot of work needed to make it to the big girls ring.

NOTE: A video clip of another Chrissy-Tiffani match is available at the ACW Clips4Sale site.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

Tiffani Jones vs. Chrissy Martin - apartmentwrestlers.com

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