Daniella Cartier vs. Jezebel

Daniella Cartier vs. Jezebel - apartmentwrestlers.com

Former ACW Champion Daniella Cartier has struggled mightily to overcome the numerous injuries that have derailed her bid to regain her title belt. Before she can gain a match up against current champion Alex Del Monacco she has to prove herself against some of the young talent within the promotion. In going up against wild woman Jezebel, Cartier would face as unorthodox a challenge as she could ever imagine.

Jezebel - apartmentwrestlers.com A confident Jezebel went right to work, punching Cartier and attempting a pinfall but Daniella pulled away. Jezebel followed in hot pursuit, throwing the former champion onto the bed and ripping her bikini top off. A startled Daniella reached to pull her top on and Jezebel saw another opening and went for the pin.

Daniella pulled away again and slumped onto the bed. Jezebel, very pleased with herself, stared into one of the bedside cameras, insisting “I’m going to beat this tired bitch and then I’m going for the belt.” Cartier, regaining her composure, lurched forward and nipped her opponent on the rear end. Howling in pain, Jezebel pitched forward and fell off of the bed. Daniella pounced on her, grabbing Jezebel’s ankle and pulled back, securing an ankle-lock.

Jezebel responded with a massive kick with her other foot right into Daniella’s chest. Daniella flew back into the headboard and sat stunned as Jezebel stood and glowered at her.

Daniella realized that her opponent was big and strong and had a mean streak. She was also growing very confident and was dictating the pace of the match. Cartier realized that she needed to take drastic action. Jezebel grabbed her opponent and rolled her onto her back and then saw and opportunity to apply a face sitting leg lock.

Daniella saw it coming and with lightening speed slipped away and half-kneeling toppled the challenger like a see-saw, smashing her face into the mattress. Again like a see-saw she raised Jezebel up again and again hammering her face into the mattress until a dazed Jezebel could do nothing.

A glassy-eyed Jezebel could do nothing but stare ahead as Daniella pulled her legs back to gain the pinfall. As the two fell backwards into a heap, Daniella was noticeably winded. A look of fear flashed in her eyes as she realized that without successfully pulling off the unorthodox maneuver, she may have fallen to her stronger opponent.

For Jezebel, the match showed that she could be a dominant player in the title hunt. For Daniella, however, it opened her up to more questions about her path on the comeback trail. The road to a title shot was never viewed as an easy one, but it had now become that much more difficult.


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