Alex Wants Some Respect

Alex Del Monacco -

Alex Del Monacco -
Alex Del Monacco is a member of a special championship club, 
but one which no one wants to belong. She is in the position of being a champion and beating all of those around her but getting called out for not facing the stiffest competition. “From my point of view it sucks. I’ve had an open door policy of facing anybody and everybody, but I still have to listen to this paper champion bullshit.”

A number of things have prevented Del Monacco from gaining the respect she feels that she deserves. First, a number of the top flight competitors retired, were suspended by the promotion of left to work in other promotions. Second, her main adversary, Daniella Cartier, has suffered a string of injuries that has prevented her from engaging in a rematch for the title. Third, the tenuous situation with ownership and management shakeups has presented an instability to her title reign and the current economic upheaval in the United States and particularly in the apartment wrestling industry has made for a “perfect storm” of events that have kept Alex from displaying her talents on a grand stage.

“It’s a really shitty situation for me,” Alex complained. “All I do is win, all I do is request competition I just do my part and yet I get labeled with this bullshit ‘she hasn’t faced anybody’ crap. I’m sick of it.” With so much swirling around, it is ironic that she must now rely on her adversary, Daniella Cartier, to help right the ship. Cartier, now a member of the new ownership group, will be looked upon to stabilize the talent situation and bring back some of the industry heavy hitters in order to provide Del Monacco with top flight competition that would quell the criticism and harangues tossed at her.

“No offense to Daniella but I don’t see her doing that while I have the belt. As long as this criticism is going to follow me, she’ll be seen as the greatest champion in ACW history. It’s really kind of funny. Considering that all I do is win, I seem to always be in a no-win situation!”

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