Daniella Cartier vs. Celina Vasquez

Daniella Cartier vs. Celina Vasquez - apartmentwrestlers.com

As ACW battles its way through an ownership change and a terrible economy, a number of performers have been released or given permission to travel overseas. Thus, Daniella Cartier found herself on the comeback trails with a limited number of opponents to hone her skills against. Celina Vasquez, on the other hand, found herself struggling in her post-ACW career and decided to make another run at an apartment wrestling career. As the two met for battle, there was a cloud of uncertainty in the air.

Daniella Cartier - apartmentwrestlers.com Celina went on the offensive launching herself at the former champion, thrusting her hands towards Daniella’s throat but Cartier quickly reared back grabbing the smaller woman’s hands in hers and battled back with a test of strength challenge. With Daniella off balance, Celina spun to her left, delivering a knee to her opponent’s ear.

Cartier was stunned for all of three seconds and then immediately found her bearings, grabbing Vasquez and putting her in a headlock. As she ground Celina’s face into the bed, Daniella began tossing her around like a rag doll. While Vasquez was stocky for her size with a meaty behind and strong legs, she was no match for Daniella’s strength and the match quickly became one a battle for survival.

Daniella picked the smaller girl off of the bed and delivered a crushing backbreaker that seemed to take all of the life out of her. With Celina racked with pain, Daniella picked her back up and delivered another… and another… and another.

By the time she had delivered her eighth backbreaker, Daniella knew the match was over, but she wanted some action and was determined to make Celina test her. She tried grappling but Celina just lay on the bed like putty. She turned her on her stomach and began slapping her on her rear end, but all Celina could do was whimper and scream. Pulling her into a breast-smothering hold, Daniella hoped that at least the thought of suffocating would put some fight into her opponents, but Vasquez could only weakly flail her arms.

Finally Daniella could take no more. Straddling her in a Santa Monica double-crab maneuver, Daniella gave Celina a choice, to tap out now or go through thirty minutes of torture. Vasquez gave up before Cartier could get the words halfway out of her mouth.
For Celina, the match was a reminder of the harsh reality that is apartment wrestling. It is not for the meek, it is not for the weak. Her venture back into the sport was a foolish one and should have been preceded by months of training. While she was battered and bruised, she knew that it could have been much worse.

Daniella Cartier vs. Celina Vasquez - apartmentwrestlers.com For Daniella, the match was a disappointment because she hadn’t been tested and with a title match again Alex Del Monacco looming, she knew she needed a much harder workout to get ready. The 58 second blowout had barely worked up a sweat and thus she would begin a quest to find adequate competition amongst a depleted talent roster.

Adams went on the offensive, grabbing the champion by the throat and slamming her to the couch. She choked the blonde bombshell while using her right foot to stomp and Alex’s exposed thigh.


The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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