Barbie Mayfield vs. Amber Mayfield

Barbie Mayfield vs. Amber Mayfield -

The match up between Barbie Mayfield and her cousin Amber was certainly a family affair, but on this day the two were not kissing cousins. After numerous clashes with management over work ethics and trouble getting along with fellow wrestlers, the two were given one opportunity to prove there worth in a Loser Leaves ACW match. Although both protested fiercely that they did not want to face each other in such a match, when it started they both had their claws out.
Amber made a run at Barbie, grasping for her throat but Barbie parried with a straight palm to the face and snatched at her bikini top. Amber pulled away and the two stood toe to toe, realizing this would not end nicely between the two.

Amber Mayfield - Barbie, considerably stronger, took control. She lifted Amber with ease, spun her in a circle and delivered a devastating backbreaker, applying a chokehold as part of the maneuver. Amber collapsed in a heaped, lying unblinking and unmoving. Officials almost stepped in as the smaller lay motionless for almost 30 seconds. As if to force the girl out of her state, Barbie went on a rampage, stomping on Amber’s midsection, slapping her across the face, mauling her breast and pulling her bikini bottoms painfully up into her crotch. In response to the pain, Amber pulled away, inadvertently kicking her cousin in the face with her platform shoe. For a brief moment each appeared powerless.

Amber, slowly began to regain her senses and seeing Barbie in a dazed stupor, recognized her last opportunity. Standing in front of Barbie, she pulled her cousin’s face into her crotch and then fell backwards, snatching Barbie joltingly off of the ground and onto her knees. As she lay on her back she adjusted Barbie’s neck so that it was between Amber’s knees and she locked her ankles and applied leg scissors to Barbie’s head.

Barbie knew she was in sad straights and was on the verge of blacking out when Amber began slapping her violently across the face. In agony, Barbie attempted to tap out weakly, but Amber, obsessed with brutalizing her opponent continued to slap her across the face causing Barbie to try to protect herself from the torrent of blows. Amber’s inexperience and rage thus prevented her from gaining and easy win.


Nevertheless, Amber was still clearly in control. Rather than go toe-to-toe with her cousin in a match of strength, Amber grounded the affair, first attempting a camel clutch and then rolling back pulling on Barbie’s chin, stretching her neck painfully. With her head being squeezed between Amber’s knees, Barbie forced all of her concentration into prying her cousins legs apart.

With her legs bent painfully under her and Amber controlling her every movement, Barbie knew the time had come for her to tap out. Amber, however, had gotten herself into a frenzy and added insult to injury by slapping her cousin in the face repeatedly taunting her. With one errant blow, however, the course of the match changed.

In her attempt to humiliate her cousin, Amber relinquished the leverage she had, namely the hold on Barbie’s chin. In all out desperation, Barbie pulled away with all of her strength, pitching forward onto her stomach. nonplussed Amber casually paced around before as Barbie rolled to onto her back. Amber snarled”get up bitch” and reached down to grab both of Barbie’s wrist, but when she tried to pull her bigger cousin off of the ground, she was surprised as Barbie pulled her knees in and the exploded her legs out into Amber’s stomach, knocking the smaller competitor off of her feet. Smashing her feet into Amber’s hips, Barbie her opponent off of the ground. As Amber tried to scramble away, Barbie threatened to drop her on her head. Barbie tried to make good on her threat, rolling backwards and pitching Amber over her head where she crashed on her back with a devastating impact.

Barbie would not make the same mistake as her cousin, and she quickly swooped in for the kill. After a vicious stomp to Amber’s back, she pulled her up to her knees and sat her ample rear end on her back. Pulling her into a variation of a camel clutch, she began lifting her ass up in the air and crashing it back down into her cousin’s back. Without hesitation Amber quickly submitted.

Without a doubt, Amber had put on her best wrestling display, but in a cut-throat business, her loss banished her from the promotion. Barbie, saddened by the loss of her cousin, consoled herself by recognizing that in the survival of the fittest, she had come out on top.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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