Cartier Back in the Title Hunt

Daniella Cartier -

Daniella Cartier -
The long, strange saga of Apartment Championship Wrestling
has taken another turn as the promotion announced a new agreement as well as the termination of an anticipated sale to a Japanese media conglomerate. These changes and the deal that fell apart would have ended the existence of the company in the United States and therefore ended the promotions North American domination. Through the twits and turns, the question that looms is whether ACW will flounder in disarray or come back stronger than ever.

Things were calmer three months ago and the organization was preparing for the media circus around the marriage of President and Founder Tanako X. The offices were going to close for a week while staff and talent were in Japan for the wedding. With all of the questions swirling about, X, days after his honeymoon consented to an interview which would end up turning into a “State of the Union for ACW.”

“The loss to Alex was very painful. It was unexpected. I didn’t blame it on my back or my knee, because I really underestimated her talent and didn’t prepare well for her, including taking care of my injuries. When you’re injured, you tend to compensate so your body isn’t moving naturally. Alex saw my weaknesses and she caught me in a hold I couldn’t get out of. That the game we play so I give her big props, but now I want my title back so I need to get ready.”

Cartier has taken on an intense training regimen. She has lost 13 lbs., and in addition to light weight training, she has be
gun doing yoga. “Yoga has really changed me. I’m more flexible, more lean, much quicker and losing the weight has taken a lot of strain of my back and my knees. I feel like whole new girl.”

Daniella Cartier -
Champion Alex Del Monacco is not impressed. “I don’t care if she does yoga, karate, meditation or becomes a vegetarian. I’ll still kick her ass like I did the last time. Now, with her coming of an injury, I don’t care if she feels better, she’s still been out of the game for months and you can’t just jump back in. I was better than her when I took the belt and now I would destroy her like a weak kitten. I will have no mercy on her and she better remember it.” Del Monacco, since winning the belt has plowed through her opponents, running off win after win.

At the same time, a number of mid-level competitors have stepped up their games. Crystal Selanne has surprised many by scoring numerous wins and Madison Payne has become a solid to contender to the title winning eight out of nine match, the one loss being to Del Monacco. In addition, there are rumors that ACW is negotiating between the current European Champion Talia Denelle Fearweather. Thus, while Cartier is feeling well rested and healthy, she may have to wait in line behind an improving field of competitors. She remains nonplussed. “I’m not worried about any of that, I ‘m just looking forward to jumping back into the game. When the time is right and when I’m ready, I’ll get my belt back and we’ll start the next chapter in ACW.”

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