Daniella Cartier vs. Daisee Douglas II

Daniella Cartier vs. Daisee Douglas - apartmentwrestlers.com

As Daniella Cartier begins down the road to a title shot, ACW saw the return of Daisee Douglas. After announcing her retirement last year, Douglas had contemplated a return to action for months. With both girls being out of action for a while, a matchup between the two seemed a perfect opportunity for each to measure their level of readiness for action.

Daniella Cartier - apartmentwrestlers.comAs the two prepared for action, Daisee extended her hand and Daniella shook wishing her opponent luck. Daisee began to walk away, but stopped quickly and pivoted back towards Cartier and unleashed a vicious roundhouse slap to the former champion’s face. Daniella was completely stunned and slumped forward onto the bed. Douglas jumped on top of her and began choking her from behind. Daniella was on the brink of losing consciousness when a brazen and confident Douglas jerked her upward. Rather than impair her Cartier further, Douglas’ actions gave Daniella momentary access to the oxygen she so desperately needed. With nothing else to reach for, Daniella grabbed the nightstand, pitching both girls forward onto the floor.

Cartier, trapped on the floor, sprung to the bed before even gathering her breath. Douglas, afraid of giving her opponent an opportunity to regain her senses grabbed a pillow and delivered a blistering shot to Daniella’s head. Cartier grabbed another pillow and attempted to use it as a shield against Daisee’s onslaught. Daisee’s approach seemed to be working as Daniella simply seemed to turn her back and move forward, balling up like a turtle to protect herself.

Daisee continued to pound away with Daniella offering little resistance. Eventually Daisee began to tire and her attack began to dwindle. With Daniella slumped over, Daisee saw an opportunity to apply another chokehold.

In an instant, Cartier jumped backwards, reaching for Daisee hair and grabbed her around the neck, pulling her over with a snap mare. Douglas, although surprised, still had her wits about her and rolled of the bed onto her feet. It didn’t take long for her to realize that she had exerted far more energy delivering the blows with the pillow than Daniella has from absorbing them .

Daniella made her move, lunging at Douglas but Daisee sidestepped her and ran around to the other side of the bed. “You should have run down the stairs bitch,” said Cartier matter of factly. Douglas knew she was right and appeared trapped in a corner as she breathed heavily.

Again, Daniella lunged across the bed but quickly sprung to her feet. As Daisee tried to circle the bed, Daniella grabbed her by the hair and yanked her off her feet and backwards onto the bed. Sitting down, Cartier grabbed Douglas by both wrists while pushing the soles of her feet deep into Douglas trapezoids. Daisee screamed in pain, pleading for Daniella to let her go but Cartier simply leaned back calmly stretching Douglas armed back while patiently and sadistically pressing down with her feet.

Suddenly Daniella withdrew her feet, pulling them back to her chest, but with the growl of an angry animal she stomped her feet back into Daisee’s shoulders, driving her opponent halfway off the bed.

Now it was Douglas who lay semi-conscious and limp, unable to defend herself, to tap out or even beg for mercy. Daniella, without hesitation, leaned forward and pulled Daisee’s legs over her head and secured a pin. When she let go, Daisee tumbled off of the bed in a heap, her breathing labored and her shoulders racked with pain. Daniella sat back on the bed with two pillows propped behind her and slowly caught her breath.

“I could have made her suffer but I like Daisee,” said Cartier. “She really took it to me and surprised me. This was a good test for me because a year ago, I would never have caught off-guard like that and I know these girls aren’t going to give me any breaks.” For Daniella, the path to a title shots lies ahead, but for Douglas there will be only questions. Whether this brutal beating will send her back into retirement is uncertain but she clearly knows that her comeback will not be an easy one.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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