Fallout Over Daniella’s New Contract

Daniella Cartier - apartmentwrestlers.com

Daniella Cartier - apartmentwrestlers.com
The fallout from ACW’s announcement
 that former Champion Daniella Cartier was to receive a bonus as part of her contract renegotiation, that would include stock ownership in the promotion. It would seem that everyone within and without the promotion was angry, save for Carter, ACW President Tanako X and a few other members of management.

“What the hell is up with that,” demanded former Champion Diane Hunter. “I’ve been up and down the road as long as, if not longer, than Daniella. I’m not hatin’ on her, I mean she’s my girl now, but what the hell. What is she bringing to the table to deserve that stock. She’s a former champion, I’m a former champion. Heaven was a former champion. Where’s the love now? I mean…. is she getting a bonus to resign with ACW to be the 2nd best wrestler in the company. It would be a different story if she was the champ but she got her butt kicked by Alex, so why isn’t Alex getting stock? This is fucked up.”

Current champion Alex Del Monaco agrees. “I’ve never heard of anything this stupid in my life. Daniella loses the championship, so she gets a bonus. So, if I beat her again, does she get a car and a parking space throw in. I’ll give Daniella her due. She was a good champion. That’s fine, but she’s still on the active roster, so how can she be an owner and a wrestler. If I kick her in her ass… can she fire me.” “This really does present a big problem,” says Forrest Winters, Associate Editor of Scissors Monthly magazine. “You have an owner/member of management actively competing. That means that everything is subject to second guessing. Opportunities for a title shot. Getting away with fouls. Extra opportunities for spokesmodeling, and on and on and on…”

Cartier, however, doesn’t understand what all of the hullabaloo is about. “It’s just an agreement for me staying with the company after I retire, that’s all.” Technically, however, because this ownership is being made as part of her new contract, it would seem to present a possible conflict of interest. “It’s why the NFL and NBA can not make ownership a part of a contract. That’s why Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson had to give up part of their ownership interests when they came out of retirement,” said Winters. “Furthermore, this sets up and uncomfortable scenario for other catfight companies.”

Daniella Cartier - www.apartmentwrestlers.com
Picking up on this, Del Monacco brought up the most important question. “How does this jive with the fact that we’re all supposed to be independent contractors. I mean we can’t even get health insurance, she’s getting a retirement package?”

Hunter weighs in further by relating that “half of these broads on the roster are too stupid to make a bowl of soup and even they are talking about striking and forming a union. I think management is making a really big mistake.” The only reaction from management was a one sentence press release. “ACW management will not discuss the private details of an individuals contract but with all of the flak the NFL is enduring because of veterans suffering hardship, it is amusing to think that the promotion is taking flak for taking care of one of our greatest performers.”

As if all of that turmoil wasn’t enough, former ACW star Taylor Wilson weighed in. Wilson who is currently wrestling in Nova Scotia said “I think this is bullshit. They gave Daniella all the breaks while I was there. They wouldn’t give me a match against her so they obviously were protecting her then and now she is still getting special favors. They need to retire her.” Arguing that these are not the ravings of a bitter ex-employee, Wilson contends “I still have a self-interest in what goes on in ACW because my niece is wrestling there now. I ownership shares are up for grabs I want her to get hers. There’s a lot that has gone on in ACW for years and I have a lot of things to say about it and I have proof of a lot of the bullshit that has gone on. I’ve kept my mouth shut up ’till now, but if my niece Buffy doesn’t get what’s coming to her. my white ass will be the black cloud of ACW!”

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