2007 – The Year in Review

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As 2007 ends, there is breaking news in ACW. 
Former champion Daniella Cartier has come to terms with the promotion on a new contract making her the highest paid performer in the apartment Wrestling industry. While this alone is enough to raise the ire of current champion Alex Del Monacco, what has all of the performers in the promotion up in arms is the fact that the arrangement is purported to give Cartier an ownership interest in the promotion. While none of the terms of the agreement have been made public, it is believed that Daniella is seeking to move into a management position after her career ends and that the ownership interest is a demonstration by management that she is being included in future plans.

While many thought Diane Hunter’s retirement meant the end of her affiliation with ACW, instead she has been tabbed to take over as the head of the promotion’s training program Hunter will be replacing Masahiro X who will be is being moved to another position within the promotion. In addition to being head trainer, Hunter will also serve as the chief talent scout. The move set up a number of potential conflicts. Hunter, never known as a warm and fuzzy people person, will have to now make peace with a number of enemies within the promotion. Not one for being intimidated, Diane has vowed to reshape the ranks of the promotion into more of a style that suits her beliefs in what make an apartment wrestler.

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2007 was certainly a great year for champion Alex Del Monacco. In addition to winning the ACW championship and running off a 20 match winning streak, she has seen her star rise in other areas of her career. She has made the cover of six magazines, been featured in five music videos and six ca lenders, was named Miss GentWorld 2007 and will be starring in the upcoming horror feature “Requiem for the Fallen.”

2008 promises to be a big year as well as Alex will be traveling to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Tokyo, Japan as a part of the ACW Spring tour. She is also in negotiations with a daytime soap opera for a recurring role in order to accommodate her busy schedule. The blonde bombshell appears to become a breakout star in mainstream entertainment but there are whispers her success is keeping her distracted and making her more vulnerable to some of the up and coming competitors in the promotion.

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2007 saw the introduction of a number of new stars. First among these was Madison Payne. The fresh face Midwestern beauty surprised many within the promotion holding her own and moving up the ranks of the promotion. After running off a 10 match winning streak including two against Rosario Delgado, Payne defeated Madison Payne for the Inter-Condominium title. Outside of wrestling, Madison performed as a dancer in a music video for French star Thadiscrus and did a test shoot for Playboy magazine.

Ginger Bryant entered the promotion with a lot of fanfare. but unfortunately, the wrestling legend proved to be a disappointment. After two losses in her first five matches, Bryant suffered a severe knee injury in a match against Jezebel. Against the advice of doctors, Bryant attempted a comeback but suffered more injuries to her leg, thus ending her tenure within ACW. Despite the disappointment, ACW plans to utilize the former star as a promotional spokesman.

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The Beauty is a Beast. Jezebel burst onto the scene in a manner unseen since Taylor Wilson. Big, strong and aggressive, Jezebel looked ready to plow through the ranks of the promotion. After causing a knee injury to Ginger Bryant, she suffered an injury of her own that put her out of action for months. After rehabbing, Jezebel proclaims herself to be for action and has openly challenged champion Alex Del Monacco to a title match.

Buffy Wilson came onto the scene with little more than a pedigree name and a valley girl accent. She surprised many however and rattled off six straight wins. She is being sent to Japan to train and may end up competing in the 2008 D-Cup tournament. She has her eyes on the Inter-Condominium title and her fast success have done little to dissuade her chances.

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From the depths of oblivion, Brycee Adams came out of nowhere and from the brink of wrestling’s skid row, she made one of the greatest comebacks in history. She rattled off an impressive 18 wins and moved up in line for a title shot against Alex Del Monacco. As has been her luck, she was injured in her next match against Jezebel and had to sit out the rest of the year. Her tremendous run will gain her opportunities in 2008, but her untimely injury may have derailed her momentum.

Despite difficulties, defections and injuries, ACW moved forward in 2007 and those within the promotion see 2008 as a banner year for apartment wrestling.

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