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Dixie Monroe -

Whatever Happened to Dixie Monroe

Melissa “Dixie” Monroe is considered by many within the catfight industry as one of the least understood wrestlers ever. Not misunderstood in the sense that people took her actions and statement the wrong way, but instead, that no one could ever seem to figure out quite what made her tick, what drum beat she was actually marching to and why she was really in the catfight business.

Dixie, who hailed from Savannah, Georgia, was not your typical southern belle. She was a Rebel with some Claws, always involved in one controversy or another. Her entrance into the catfight world was even marked with controversy. Drinking at a local bar in Savannah, Monroe watched as a female patron jumped onto a table and began doing a bump and grind to entice the gawking men in attendance. Dixie decided to do her one better and jumped up on a table and began doing a striptease. Her female rival didn’t take kindly to it and and began insulting Dixie, prompting a free for all between the two, which delighted the rambunctious crown. When the smoke cleared, the bar manager declared the bar to be the home of the Catfight Girls and invited Dixie back as a center of attention. Her new found, albeit very limited celebrity, whetted Dixie thirst for the limelight and she was delighted to be invited to sit in on local radio programs, Eventually, a small time wrestling promoter pointed her in the direction of Apartment Championship Wrestling.

The problem for Monroe when she entered the promotion was that she simply couldn’t wrestle. “Well, I guess there is no harm in admitting that she wasn’t the best performer,” said ACW President Tanako X. “We did bring her in as a gimmick. She was getting a lot of publicity from areas of the southwestern United States and we were setting up some marketing events and thought we could use some of her notoriety.” Added former champion Diane Hunter “She couldn’t wrestle worth shit. We used to tease her. I said she must be a lesbian because she had to want ‘lick a wrestler’ because she ‘couldn’t wrestle a lick’!” Monroe argued that her wrestling skills were underrated and understated. “I was better than they gave me credit for. Sometimes I was just playing possum. I won some pretty good matches. Anyway, wrestling wasn’t my top priority.”

Dixie had a plan indeed and that was to use her notoriety to become notorious. “Well, obviously I was a party girl and I’m an exhibitionist so I made a couple friends who were strippers and started doing hat on the side. Then when Angie Foster left ACW for porn, I got access to a whole new world.” Angela Foster, a former ACW competitor left the promotion and entered the adult video industry. Monroe began hanging around on video shoots with Foster. Basically, they needed a fluff girl and I just jumped up and did my thing. They all just assumed I was part of the crew and they paid me. I came back for the next shoot and they used me again and a couple days later one of the girls no-showed and they asked me if I would fill in. After that, I found my calling.”

Monroe said her calling was to become an adult entertainer. She continued performing in local strip clubs and shooting in small budget adult videos in Los Angeles, all unbeknownst to ACW management. It is likely that things would have remained quiet for a while except that Monroe was being billed as “ACW Sexpot Dixie Monroe” on stage as well as in two videos. She was reprimanded by management and suspended for one month from active competition.

During her time off, instead of trying to smooth things over, Monroe fanned the flames by luring other ACW girls into her new world. She posed with Candy Sommers in a number of provocative photographs that became a sensation in Korea. While Sommers did not participate any farther, ACW management was even more unhappy when Dixie brought in one ACW Tasha Monroe and produced a low budget spoof “Ass C W.”

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