Introducing Kiana Price

Kiana Price -

Kiana Price -
Kiana Price is pissed. After a less than stellar debut 
against ACW favorite Little, Price has seen her opportunities and public appearances dwindle. “What the fuck is the matter with these people? I mean damn… I came to work, busted my ass…. and then … nothing. Silence!” Price is less than enthused with her current push, especially considering the rash of injuries plaguing the promotion. “They keep whining about all of the injuries and needing someone to step up. Well here I am. I’m ready and willing and able.”

Price made her ACW debut in September 2006, but over a year later, she has been mostly invisible. “OK, so I didn’t win my first two matches, but the matches were good, I fought hard and I almost won.” Indeed, her matches against Little were very favorably viewed. While nowhere near as athletic as her opponent, Price was very intense and well-prepared. “The word I get is that they just think Little has more potential than me, but what the hell does that mean? I’m sitting here ready and willing to bust my ass and wrestle. This isn’t the NFL draft. The hell with potential… the future is now and ACW needs wrestlers.”

Kiana was born in Geneva, Illinois and has lived in Southern Illinois all of her life. She along with Little decided to enter the second ACW Talent Search competition. Both girls went on a lark, not quite sure how they would match up. Wrestling against one another in several matches, the two impressed many in management with their intensity. While Little was the more impressive of the two due to her athleticism, Kiana did impress everyone with her tolerance for pain and her endurance. Eventually, as the field of 30 was narrowed down, it became obvious that Price and Little would most likely meet in the finals. There, the question became “can Kiana pull an upset?” She didn’t , losing two highly competitive matches. Little signed a contract with the promotion while Price is called in occasionally for training matches or dark matches due to injuries.

While she has been very disappointed, she is confident that things will not remain bleak for very long. “I have options both in and out of ACW. It just seems to mean that when they have so many prima donnas coming in and out of this organization that they would want somebody who wants to work hard.” It seems that the promotion is taking note. Price has been offered a provisional contract.

“She’s right,” says former champion Daniella Cartier. “I’ve seen her work. She’s got a lot of grit to her and she really wants a shot. I can’t figure out why some girls can linger for years, willing and ready.” Former champion Diane Hunter is even more poignant. “She’s living my life story. I hard scrape for every chance I got. I had to beg, borrow and almost steal just to stay afloat. It takes a toll on you. On one hand, I’m glad I stuck in there because of the success I finally had, but it’s a bad feeling knowing that you want so much to get an opportunity and have them look you in the eye and just ignore you. Now that ‘s some hard to deal with shit.”

Price will continue to forge ahead, at least for the foreseeable future. “I don’t know if I can put up with it for as long as Diane did, but I do at least want my shot,” said Price. “I want to be taken seriously, I want to be relevant here. I’m like the kid who works so hard and practice, and everybody says I’m doing a great job, nut then, the team loses all t’s games and the coach still won’t put me in. It doesn’t make any sense.”

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