Daniella Cartier vs. Cassidy Collins

Daniella Cartier and Cassidy Collins will never be considered friends, but few would have anticipated that a hatred would develop between the two. Cartier, the proud former champion had endured years of taunts and boasts from Collins. Collins, a scrappy competitor had a huge chip on her shoulder from the moment she entered ACW. She immediately began haranguing Cartier, with unprecedented viciousness, but Cartier’s hands were tied, as Collins was not ranked high enough to garner a title shot. Thus, she had to endure Collins’ big words. Now, having lost the title belt, Cartier was able to sign for a match against her hated foe, but coming off of an injury, had to be uncertain going into the match. Collins, the ultimate self-promoter, sees this as a chance to make her way to the top, with Cartier as a stepping stone.

Cassidy Collins - apartmentwrestlers.comThe match began with both girls on the offensive but Collins, with several years of obsessing about the match delivered the first big blow. Catching Cartier with a pillow-shot to the face, she hammered her repeatedly down to the ground. Now standing over Daniella she delivered a series of nine kicks an stomps to the former champion’s prone body.

A Confident Collins began to tire slightly, and Cartier took the moment to desperately throw Cassidy off-balance. When Collins landed flat on her back, a breathless Cartier jumped from the ground and landed on top of her. Collins looked to escape but Cartier quickly went for a pinfall. A surprised Collins was unable to gather enough leverage to escape but an exhausted Cartier was unable to hold her opponent down for a full three-count, allowing Cassidy to wiggle free. Daniella began to glare at her opponent but before she could do anything, Collins lashed out at her, slapping her across the face and against the wall.

Collins regained her confidence and control while Cartier was left reeling. Although her knee injury was not bothering her, Daniella wondered whether she was suffering from ring rust or whether Colllins was much better than she had anticipated. Cassidy put an end to her guessing game as she grabbed the telephone off of the nearby nightstand and clubbed ont he back with it. When Daniella exclaimed in pain, Collins wrapped the phone cord around her neck and started choking her with it.

Breathless, Cartier broke free, knocking the phone from Collins’ hand. As Daniella bent over to retrieve it, Collins calmly kicked her in the rear end, sending her sprawling onto the floor. Moving as if her life depended on it, Collins was on her opponent as quick as a cat, grabbing her by the hair and pulling her back onto the bed.

Collins was now in total control and Daniella couldn’t believe it. “I’m gonna make you smell my crotch bitch,” Cassidy screamed at Daniella, “and you’re gonna fucking like it. With that Cassidy inched ever forward up Daniella’s upper torso As she worked to press her lace-painted crotch into Daniella’s mouth, Cartier hung on for dear life,, locking her elbow around Cassidy’s knees and preventing her from moving forward.

But there was nothing Daniella could do to stop Collins’ progress. Cassidy lurched forward, heaving her hips into Daniella’s face. As the larger girl forced out muffled screams, Cassidy rode her face with a delirious glee. After years of knowing that everyone in the promotion treated her like a joke, she was finally turning the tables on everybody, proving herself capable and rubbing Daniella’s face in it… literally.

“Talk about me now bitch,” she growled at Cartier. “Call me trailer trash now. Call me white trash now. You better tap out or I’m gonna make you kiss my big, white trailer ass!” With that Collin spun around on the weakened former champion, and began inching her rear end backwards. In shear desperation, Cartier made one last valiant effort to avoid the indignity.

With every ounce of strength she still had, Daniella thrust her hands up under Collins buster and pulled her backwards. At the same time, she she kicked legs backwards and grabbed Cassidy around the neck with them. Before Collins knew what was happening, she came crashing down on her back and neck. Spinning around, Cartier leapt to her feet but her wobbly legs caused her to collapse straight down. Fortunately, she landed on the outstretched legs of her opponent. In a miraculous change of fortune she sat back, pinning Collins in a terribly compromising position. She cleared her head enough to count 1-2-3 and secured the pinfall.

Daniella Cartier vs. Cassidy Collins - apartmentwrestlers.comAfter pulling victory out of the jaw of defeat, Daniella’s first instinct was to collapse into a heap, but instinctively, she knew that she had the advantage over a helpless Collins and now had a chance at payback. “I’m in this sport for the competition bitch,” Cartier snarled at the whimpering Collins, “but now I’m going to make you my bitch.” Spinning around, she dropped to her knees causing her crotch to come crashing down on Cassidy’s face. Rubbing her panties in Cassidy’s mouth, she promised “you better breath what I’m cookin’ or I’ll let your ass suffocate. Quit bitchin’ ho,” Daniella ordered. “This isn’t anything you haven’t done in the trailer park with your trailer trash sisters.”

The match was a great disappointment for Cartier, for despite the win, she knew that she still had a ways to go to deserve a title rematch. For Collins, however, the result was far worse. She had given everything she had, but rather than focus on the win, she let personal animosity cloud her judgment and distract her from the task at hand. Now, after losing the match to Daniella and knowing that her abrasive behavior had turned most of management and the locker room against her, Collins quietly sobbed, knowing that this might be her last moment in the promotion.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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