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Paulina Persenko -

Paulina Persenko -


Whatever Happened to Paulina Persenko?

Paulina Persenko was supposed to be a huge star in ACW, 
she twinkled very briefly before fading out and returning to her home in Poland. Nicknamed the “Polish Powerhouse,” Persenko was renown throughout Europe, not for her technical skill, but instead for her brute strength and a seeming inability to feel any pain. “I was stomping on her chest and stomach in a training match and this bitch just sat there and giggled and laughed. At first I ignored it and kept kicking her but then I just figured this bitch was crazy. She just kept laying there and rolling a around laughing. Then she reached out and pulled me off of my feet and was all over me. All the while she’s smiling and laughing. I was ready to deport her right then and there.”

Persenko lost her first match, against Cartier, but rebounded with a strong victory against Barbie Mayfield and was poised to make a run through the ranks of the promotion when suddenly her career appeared to stop, with many wondering what had happened. “In short, she got caught up in the American nightlife,” said ACW President Tanako X. “She started hanging out with a lot of the party girls, drinking and bar-hopping and of course, ended up drunk and in no shape to wrestle.”

Persenko missed several scheduled training sessions and one match. Eventually she was called into the front office, but was unable to attend after falling ill. Members of management were worried when a number of the women voiced concerns that she was pregnant. Her alarming weight gain and frequent illnesses pointed towards a preganancy, but in fact she was simply eating herself out of a job. In less than three months, Persenko had gained 40 lbs. A big girl naturally, she was unable to compete at a high level at a weight of 205 lbs. The promotion considered releasing her but offered her a chance to train and regain her conditioning, but Persenko refused and travelled home to Poland instead.

Paulina Persenko -

The former Apartment Wrestling League of Poland Champion and ranked in the top five competitors in Europe, Persenko was unable to sign with an agent and unable to sign with a promotion. Within three months she had gained another 30 lbs. After disappearing for almost a year, Persenko announced that she was ready to make a comeback but when she arrived for the press conference, she weighed in at a staggering 307 lbs. Sadly, her career was over. Although she appeared on several Polish television shows, discussing her weight problems, she was unable to sign with any promotions, even when she dropped over 100 lbs..

In March 2007, she travelled to Chicago for a tryout with ACW. “It just wasn’t a good fit for us at the time,” said Tanako X. “I saw her and she started smiling and ran over to me and started hugging all over me and I’m asking ‘who is this girl?’ I totally didn’t recognize her,” said Cartier. Persenko’s downfall was a sad one but she still maintains a positive outlook and is determined to salvage a career in apartment wrestling. “I would strongly encourage her to give it up, because she’s a nice girl and I don’t want to see her struggle,” said X, “but she is still enjoying what she’s doing, She even enjoys the struggle, so more power to her.”

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