Alex Del Monacco vs. Buffy Wilson

Alex Del Monacco vs. Buffy Wilson -

Due to a series of bizarre events, Buffy Wilson gained a title shot in only her third match in ACW. Wilson was to be a bystander watching the title match between Del Monacco and Mandy Taylor, after Taylor moved up because of an injury to Brycee Adams and the suspension of Jezebel. When Taylor no-showed the match, Wilson volunteered to step in. Del Monacco was not amused and appeared angry to be defending her title against such a novice. Nonetheless, the match was ordered to commence and Wilson took little time showing that she thought she belonged.

Buffy Wilson - Wilson immediately pressed the attacked, launching herself into Del Monacco, toppling the champion and knocking her head over tails. As the champion attempted to regain her footing, Buffy bull rushed her and went for the pin. Alex seemed perplexed and unprepared for her opponents tactics. Before she could figure anything out, Wilson grabbed Alex’ wrist and painfully twisted it. Del Monacco began kicking violently, landing several shots to the challengers’ midsection, but each kick caused Wilson to pull back violently on the champions’ pained wrist.

Things began looking bad for the champion as Wilson continued working on her wrist. The challenger began inching her way up the champions’ body hoping to get a leverage press. Del Monacco’s eyes blazed with fury and confusion as she was unable to topple her opponent. Not used to being on the other end of a battle, she grasped desperately for any escape route. Instinct led her to reach out and grab the challenger’s booty shorts and Alex pulled ion them until they came loose. Buffy laughed and taunted the champion, mocking her for stripping the “Nature Girl”, but with one hand free, Alex looped the shorts around Buffy’s neck.

In an instant, they whole match turned on its ear. Del Monacco snatched Buffy off of her, spinning her around and jumping behind her. A stunned Wilson seemed unable to grasp what was going on and unable to mount a defense. Now in control, Del Monacco went to work. Letting go of her chokehold, she now began transitioning her opponent from one painful hold to another. Although instinct directed Buffy to escape each hold, she couldn’t escape Alex’s control and the experienced veteran maneuvered her opponent with ease.

Alex Del Monacco vs. Buffy Wilson -

Del Monacco began to put on a chain wrestling clinic. Wilson was completely outmatched and outclassed and could only offer a feeble defense. Del Monacco, while reveling in her superior skill also knew enough to leave well enough alone and secured a pinfall rather than give Buffy a chance to make a desperate move that could turn the match around. After the count, Alex stood over the fallen challenger, glaring intensely as Buffy writhed in pain below. Eventually, the champion turned and walked down the stairs in victory.
For Alex Del Monacco, it was yet another win, but one that was unsettling. For Buffy Wilson, it was an outstanding effort, but a painful lesson. Clearly shaken and in pain, she quietly sobbed, but vowed to try again.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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