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An editorial by Tanako X.

“Winning is not everything. It’s the only thing.”
Vince Lombardi
NFL Hall of Fame Coach

“Vince Lombardi’s famous quote serves as an inspiration to players, coaches and leaders in the world of sports, politics and business. In its time, it served to define the man and the moment…. But these are different times!”

Alex Del Monacco - www.apartmentwrestlers.com “I have watched over the last several months as Alex Del Monacco had risen to the top of the ranks in ACW and assumed the championship throne. She defeated a great champion in Daniella Cartier, has won 22 straight matches and has made seven successful title defenses. Still, many critics feel that it is not enough, denigrating her efforts and her abilities. Like radio talk show hosts who flex their muscles only behind the hidden solitude of their microphones, Del Monacco’s critics post their disparaging messages in the ACW Yahoo Group or in emails written to ACW. Often comical, generally critical, the messages condemn Del Monacco for everything from her size and build to the quality of her opponents. While criticism and the open debate of opinions is highly encouraged, it has given me pause for thought. What exactly do the fans want from a champion.”

“Perhaps they are looking for titanic rivalries like that of Muhammed Ali and Joe Frazier in boxing in the1970’s. Perhaps they are looking for a champion to have a long reign similar to wrestler Bruno Sammartino. However, a quick and casual look at sports today shows that neither situation is abundant or likely. The longest reigning heavyweight boxing champion in the ast 30 years was Larry Holmes who won his first 48 fights, defeated boxing champions such as Ali and Ken Norton, and held a nine year title reign. Still, he couldn’t get the respect of the masses who argued that he was too bland. What would follow was one of the most pitiful attempts ever to create a rivalry as a clearly over-matched Gerry Cooney was built into the proverbial great white hope when in reality he was a hapless great white hype. Holmes scored a decisive TKO over Cooney. Despite experts proclaiming him one of the greatest champions of all time, the common fan viewed him with indifference. Instead, they flock to the alter of Mike Tyson, the unpredictable, vile and talented boxer of the late 1980’s. Tyson had the potential to be one the greatest champions of all time but seemed more interested in developing a legend as a ruthless killer than as a great champion. He discarded the skills honed under Cus D’ Amato for the trash-talking boastfulness encouraged by Don King, and in doing so, lost his championship, his abilities and many would argue, his soul.”

“The point I’m making is this. As the President of Apartment Championship Wrestling, my interests are in presenting an attractive champion, one who is talented, respectful of the belt and respectful of the promotion. What I don’t want is a thug running throughout the promotion, causing disruption and dissension within the ranks. I don’t want a hooligan using cheap shots to get the belt or refusing to meet rightful opponents as a way of retaining the belt. We had an incident a few years ago where one of our wrestlers decided to create a reputation for herself by physically demolishing her opponents. When matched against a relative newcomer, she had the match well within hand, but instead of securing a pin, picked the smaller girl up and threw her head-first into the wall, then stood over her taunting and cutting a promo for the cameras while a medical crew attempted to treat the fallen girl. The result was a promising young prospect suffered a crushed vertebrae and permanent nerve damage, causing an end to her career and a major lawsuit for the promotion. Thus, while the wrestler did make a name for herself, she also bought herself a one way ticket out of the promotion because winning wasn’t everything and it wasn’t the only thing. The sport of apartment wrestling is presented to show beautiful women in active competition, not combative demolition. The sport does need rivalries, but rivalries that develop, not that are manufactured.”

Brycee Adams - www.apartmentwrestlers.com

“Fans who are critical of Alex Del Monacco have decried that she is a paper champion and is wrestling against overmatched opponents, but what they fail to recognize is that she has fought everyone that the ACW booking committee has put in front of her. These girls come in various shapes and sizes and talent levels. Many are among the best in the world, but perhaps not in the class of Alex or Daniella Cartier, but neither was Buster Douglas, who shocked the world when he knocked the self-described baddest man on the planet Mike Tyson. Barring injuries, retirement or contract disputes, ACW will always attempt to put on the best matches possible and to present champions and challengers that the fans can admire rather than shake their heads at in embarrassment.”
“We have had four champions in the last ten years and I rate Daniella Cartier as the best of them all, but Alex beat Daniella fair and square and until Daniella comes back from her injuries and defeats Alex and takes back the belt, I say all hail Alex Del Monacco… Love her or hate her… she still the champ.”“While Alex is definitely the best of the best, while Daniella is out, some of the girls are going to have to step up to the plate. A lot of them are talented and experienced but I think a few of them are worthy of keeping your eye on.”
Madison Payne - www.apartmentwrestlers.com “First up is Bryce Adams. She experienced and very smart. Very unorthodox, to say the least, but she really uses it to her advantage. She doesn’t try to intimidate just to act tough. She uses mind games to intimidate her opponents and it works. She is smart enough to figure out how to get in their heads. She is very good at controlling the action, a real rug genera. Her kicks are strong but she really needs to work on her technical skills. Through brute strength and guile she can be very competitive, but when dealing with a seasoned grappler she can seem lost at times. Her time in Japan, holding the D-Cup title did her well, but she’s still Brycee. She doesn’t march to the beat of another drummer.. she dances to the beat of another band. She’s made a lot of mistakes during her time in ACW but this time we hope she’s back on the reservation. She’s a marketing dream and a management nightmare but I think she may have what it takes to be the champion.”

Jezebel - www.apartmentwrestlers.com
“Madison Payne may very well be the future of ACW. 
We’re very high on her within the promotion. She’s young, pretty and a joy to have around. Never a problem, eager to learn and humble. She needs to gain some experience, not only with wrestling but in terms of media appearances and such, bu tthat will come with time. She has trained with Daniella and Alex and Ginger so she has learned a lot in a short time. Right now, I think the one thing that could derail her success in the promotion is some of the opportunites she has outside of the sport, but we’ll see.”

“Jezebel… Oh that Jezebel. She’s definitely one of the most interesting and complex characters to ever come into the promotion. She’s pretty unnerving. She is really strong, very intimidating, but extremely polite when you’re talking to er. But once she starts a match, good grief, she morphs into some mythological character. She would be a favorite for championship status but she hasn’t as yet picked up many wrestling skills. We’ve tried to talk to her and train her but she doesn’t seem much interested. I supposed she knows what she is doing because a lot of times she wins by intimidation before the match even starts.”

Rosario Delgado - www.apartmentwrestlers.com
“Finally, Rosario Delgado was seen by most in ACW to be he next big thing. 
Besides her physical beauty, she is a real spitfire. She is not intimidating in physical stature by she has a volatile temperament, very mercurial, not easily intimidated and very confident. She’s got everything it takes in terms of offering an overall package but she never seems able to focus. She has a lot of things going for her and appeared on the television show Prison Break. I guess she feels that stardom is just around the corner so she doesn’t pay enough attention to perfecting her craft as a catfighter. We still cross our fingers about her, but who knows.”

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