Little vs. Kiana Price 2

Little vs. Kiana Price -

After their debut match in ACW, Kiana Price and Little are back in action. Kiana was still angry over the turn of events from the first battle and was determined that things would be different this time. The action was fast and furious with both girls bringing their best. Kiana dominated early, trying to impose her will rather than allow Little’s acrobatic skills to take over. Little on the other hand, found herself on the defensive, facing an entirely new Kiana. The bigger girl tried to pick up her smaller opponent and appeared to prepare for a piledriver, but Little smashed her rear end into Kiana’s face, knocking Price off of her feet and back onto the couch.

Little - Undeterred. Price through Little onto the floor in a heap. As quick as a cat she sprung onto her opponent before she could regain her feet. With a foot in her back, Little tried to squirm one way or the other but Kiana pulled on her arm to intensify the pain. It appeared that Price had her where she wanted her but made the fatal flaw infectious to apartment wrestlers – she became mesmerized by the camera. Her gaze upon the cameraman prevented her from noticing that Little was busy slipping her arm under her neck and then rolled to her right, throwing Price into the wall and both girls slowly scrambled to their feet.

Little sprung into action, throwing herself at Kiana, but Kiana had the same thing in mind and the two met in a sickening thud. Despite the pain the two run around punching and slapping at each other. Little looked to escape but Kiana was relentless and pulled her back down. The two wrestled on the ground for what seemed forever before they collapsed with exhaustion.

As they both huffed and puffed, Little slowly worked her way to her feet looking unstable. Kiana, laboring for oxygen could only look on in a daze. Suddenly, Little sprung to her feet and spring into action. She raced to the couch climbed up and perched herself on the edge, looking down on the fallen Kiana. Kiana, limply tried to move but her body refused.

Little leapt off the couch and appeared to hang in the air before she came crashing down, stomping on Kiana’s exposed midsection. As Little went for the pin, Kiana valiantly struggled free. Little responded by dropping elbows again and again to her mid-section.

With Kiana almost defenseless, Little moved in for the kill. She sprung into her trademark back-flip splits pinning maneuver, but at the last instant, Kiana desperately lifted her foot and it wedged in Little’s rear end as she landed Little tumbled in pain, groaning. As she dragged herself to the couch, she could hear Kiana stirring behind her.

As she heard Kiana’s footsteps, Little tried to run. Kiana was on her like a pack of wolves and the two began tussling. Little, though alarmed, saw an opportunity and snatched off Kiana’s bikini top. Undeterred, Kiana ripped off little’s top and slammed her authoritatively onto the couch. Little knew it was time to run.

Over the couch she leapt but Kiana grabbed her bikini bottoms and tried to reel her back in. With Little awkwardly trying to scramble away like a crab, Kiana held her by her legs upside down.

Little was in trouble and she knew it. With blood rushing to her head she felt weak and immobile. She was now too far away to make it back to the couch. In Kiana’s control, she was helpless. All she could do was hope to pass out, or hope that Kiana would get careless.. and careless she got. Deciding to go for a pin, Kiana failed to recognize her advantage and allowed Little just enough room to slip away.

By sheer will alone she propelled herself into the other room. A confident Kiana calmly followed her into the room and promptly ate a mouthful of pillow. Kiana never saw it coming and collapsed like a ton of bricks. Dazed and confused she didn’t realize she was now in peril.

Little had the advantage but looked at Kiana as a tireless machine. Believing that this would be her last chance she pushed Kiana onto the bed, rolled next to her and continued rolling until she was on top, back to back and cheek to cheek. Arching her back she reached up and reversed her arm under Kiana’s neck. Holding on with the other hand she pulled mightily. Kiana never had a chance to tap out as her body went limp and she lost consciousness.

On this day, Little was the victor but Kiana proved a point to all watching. Despite Little’s superior athletic skills, Price’s determined spirit almost saw her through to victory. With the victory, Little saw her star on the rise and set a path towards the Inter-Condominuim title.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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